Freedom Day amid COVID-19 restrictions

Freedom Day amid COVID-19 restrictions

Sri Lanka celebrates its 73rd Independence Day on February 4. Rehearsals began yesterday and our picture shows Sri Lanka Army’s Armoured Personnel Carriers being paraded…

Pro-Govt. parties oppose ECT deal with foreign investors

A majority of partners in the ruling alliance want the East Container Terminal (ECT) in the Colombo Port vested entirely with the Sri Lanka Ports…

CPC seeks tax relief to avoid fuel price hike

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) is seeking a waiver of staggering taxes amounting to Rs 2.5 billion a month and has warned of possible fuel…

Business Times

ECT protests continue

ECT protests continue

Policemen don PPE kits before facing trade unions which held a protest on Friday in Fort opposing plans to hand over part ownership to India’s…

Overheated Colombo bourse, a magnet for newbies

The Colombo share market sets new highs almost every day. ‘All’ stock market participants are beyond happy. They want to continue to be happy. They…

Adani to run the RPCs?

Indian investor Adani Group, in the hot spot over the ECT at the Colombo Port, has now become the centre of discussion among plantation companies…

Sunday Times E-Paper


Independence Compromised

Come Independence Day next week (February 4), and what ought to be a day of joyous celebration, a day to pay homage to those forebears who went through 450 years of colonial rule and to all those who paved the way for freedom, alas, is being marked in a pall…


Sunday Times 2

Has the President to go it alone?

Has the President to go it alone?

Whether the President has to go it alone is the question posed today to the public…

SLCM office bearers 2020/21

Treasure Island resurrected

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