Water should not be wasted Water is an essential need of man, animals and plants. We can’t live without water. We use water for many purposes. We use water to drink, clean, to make electricity and irrigate land. Therefore we need a lot of water to satisfy our needs. We waste water in many ways. [...]

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Water should not be wasted

Water is an essential need of man, animals and plants. We can’t live without water. We use water for many purposes.
We use water to drink, clean, to make electricity and irrigate land. Therefore we need a lot of water to satisfy our needs.

We waste water in many ways. Water is polluted by putting garbage in water resources. Rain water is not saved and it is wasted. Global warming creates scarcity of water. Therefore, we should not waste water and save every drop of water to keep the earth cool and calm.

M. Sajinth (Grade 7)

S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia  

Cooking as a hobby

Cooking is a hobby a lot of people like to do. When you cook to earn a living you can’t do it leisurely. But as a hobby, you can do it at your own pace. Most people start to cook with easy-to-make food and then later on, make food that is hard to prepare

When you cook, you need to be calm and patient. This is an extremely important thing to remember in the culinary world. Before you start to cook, you need to find a recipe for what you are going to make. Then you have to find the needed ingredients and utensils. Also, when you cook you have to be very careful because you will be using fire and sharp utensils.

I enjoy cooking because it is fun and interesting. I believe that cooking is a great hobby because it is something you can do with happiness.


Isali Siribaddana (10 years)

Musaeus College

Puppets around the world

Puppets are found all over the world. They are carved from wood and are dressed and then painted. Puppets are found in countries such as Italy, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Scotland and USA etc.

Puppetry helps us to develop our imagination, creativity and observation skills. It can be used in literature, painting, sculpture, music, dancing and drama etc.
It gives us an inexpensive knowledge about myths and legends. It helps us to develop language and communication
and is used in many cultures and traditions. It appeals to all age groups. Puppets even help us to solve our own emotional problems.

There are puppet shows all around the world. There are many types of puppets such as Cantastoria, Carnival/Body puppet, Finger puppet, Hand/Glove
puppet, Human arm puppet, Light curtain puppets and Marionette. They are controlled using wires or strings. Some famous puppets are Shockheaded Peter, McDermott, Julian Crouch etc.

Puppets are gifts. It is our responsibility to save this tradition for the next generation like in Ambalangoda in Sri Lanka where they have a generation of puppetry.


Nadithi Kulasekera (10 years)

Ladies’ College, Colombo

My pet

My pet is a parrot. Its name is Nini. It has a green body and a red beak.
It is a very beautiful bird. It is a girl.
Its favourite food is mango. My pet can talk. It plays with my sister and me. It lives in a cage. Our family loves her very much.

Every morning she greets me
‘Good Morning.’  When I go to school I say good bye to her. When I come back she is very happy. When someone enters our house she shouts to warn us. She likes us to be near her every time.
She is a good friend too. I don’t like to keep her in a small cage. We let her out in the morning. She makes many bird friends. We have a small bird’s bath. She likes to stay near that bird’s bath. She has a very sharp beak. She likes to fly. Our father made a bird house for Nini. I love my pet and she loves me.


Fathima Riyafa (Grade 4)

Bambridge Int. School,

Dharga Town


My favourite cartoon

My favourite cartoon is ‘King Kong’. It is about a gorilla. King Kong has a lot of friends. Danny, Panchi, Emmy, Lucas are some of them. Danny can talk with the gorilla.

I love to watch this cartoon so much.

Fathima Azka (8 years)

Seethadevi Girls’ College, Kandy

King Dutugemunu

Dutugemunu was a great king in Sri Lanka. He ruled Anuradhapura Kingdom. He was a better king to the people. King Dutugemunu built many lakes and sacred places in Sri Lanka. Ruwanweliseya is his greatest creation.

He ruled Sri Lanka for 24 years.
He united Sri Lanka.


Randira Sandapahan (Grade 5)

Royal Int. School, Kegalle

How I spent the Covid vacation

Schools closed on March 20 due to
Covid-19. Curfew was imposed day and night. Mom’s office and father’s office
were closed because of the pandemic.
We couldn’t even go to neighbours places.
I had to play with my brother. I got up
late in the morning but my mother did
not scold me. I played tennis hitting the ball to the wall. I couldn’t meet my friends
who play tennis with us.

My mother prepared some food
using recipes, in weekends. My brother
played the chess online app Lichess.
We started a small garden. I planted
ladies’ fingers, spinach, tomato, brinjal
and curry leaves.

We watched Mr. Bean, Voice Teens, tennis matches, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and all seven episodes.

My mother helped me to do school work too. I practice skipping to maintain my weight. We did shramadana to clean our house.

We saw vehicles carrying fruits and vegetables to sell. We couldn’t ride bicycles in the street because of the curfew. We celebrated Sinhala and Tamil New Year under curfew. We made
milkrice, sweets etc., for the New Year.
We couldn’t buy new clothes because
all the shops were closed.

We couldn’t go to the temple on Vesak full moon day. We were fed up with the curfew. School did not start yet but  we participate for zoom classes online.

We are eagerly waiting to meet our friends in the near future.


Hirun Kalupahana (Grade 6)

Richmond College, Galle

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