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Fa-Hien Lena

Fa-Hien Lena

Fa-Hien Lena (Cave) or Pahiyangala as it is also known, is a prehistoric cave associated with the Chinese priest Fa-Hien who is believed to have stayed there in the 5th century AD. The cave is located in the Kalutara district. It is situated about 400 metres above sea level. It is about 150 feet in [...]

Excavations at Fa-Hien Lena from 2009 – 2012

Excavations at Fa-Hien Lena  from  2009 – 2012

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Water should not be wasted Water is an essential need of man, animals and plants. We can’t live without water. We use water for many purposes. We use water to drink, clean, to make electricity and irrigate land. Therefore we need a lot of water to satisfy our needs. We waste water in many ways. [...]

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