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Is the fight for human rights and racial justice overriding the coronavirus risk?

Is the fight for human rights and racial justice  overriding the coronavirus risk?

UNITED NATIONS (IPS) – The coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed the lives of more than 380,000 people worldwide, has reinforced the concept of “social distancing” which bars any gathering of over 10 or 20 people — whether at a social event, a wedding, a political rally or even a funeral. In the US, guidelines laid [...]

APSL distributes pandemic relief

APSL distributes pandemic relief

The Association of Professional Sri Lankans in the UK (‘’APSL’’) launched an Emergency Relief Fund (“ERF”) on March 25 to support vulnerable people and deserving families who face many hardships due to the coronavirus pandemic in Sri Lanka. After carrying out the programme for seven weeks, the APSL concluded its Covid-19 relief activities, having provided [...]

30 years on, remembering the life sacrifice of 634 policemen

Seeds of political terrorism had been sown in Sri Lanka since 1975. In January 1989 Prime Minister Ranasinghe Premadasa rose to Executive Presidency pledging to solve the ethnic problem through Consultation, Compromise and Consensus. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who claimed to be the sole representatives of the Tamil People, accepted the President’s [...]

Jumbo-human conflict: Challenge to ex-military warriors

An American admiral who commanded a global fleet and an outstanding American diplomat, on the eve of their retirement from their services, were talking about how they would spend their retirement. The admiral wanted to be appointed an ambassador in a Western capital, where after working at an easy pace he could enjoy himself at [...]

I can’t breathe: The two autopsies

It all began at 20:01 on the evening of May 25, when a store employee from “Cup Foods”, a grocery store, reported to the police by calling 911, that a man bought a pack of cigarettes and gave a fake $20 bill. At around 20:08, two police officers arrived and the store employee pointed to [...]

Bending the curve of fake pandemic news

OXFORD – Would you believe that the coronavirus was developed by a government to weaken its foreign rivals? Or that “patriots” created it to foment a revolution against “big government” and the “deep state”? Sadly, far too many people who have encountered such disinformation online have shared it with their friends and family. Nonetheless, we [...]

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