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Let the music go on

Let the music go on

Perhaps nothing is as exhilarating to a musician as performing to an audience that connects with you.  COVID-19 lockdowns and the ban on public gatherings put paid to the live show. With doubts over their public shows in the near future,  Lankan musicians from different areas in the industry are figuring out ways to keep [...]

A lesson in History and Anthropology

Eminent Victorians by Lytton Strachey “The Victorians Debunked” would be the title a modern editor would suggest for this irreverent and witty mix of four biographies. Here Lytton Strachey from the Bloomsbury Group, with snide, teenage-like charisma takes delight in puncturing three very austere, august Victorian heroes. And pairs the term ‘hypocritical’ with the Victorians. [...]

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