As the restrictions ease, the threat of the virus still lingers. If you’re celebrating a birthday during this time, it might seem quite the nightmare to find a cake. This week we put together a list of Home Bakers, who have their baked goodies available fordelivery. The Brown Girl Bakes Leann Eleena Jayawardena, an 18 [...]


Baked goodies on delivery


As the restrictions ease, the threat of the virus still lingers. If you’re celebrating a birthday during this time, it might seem quite the nightmare to find a cake. This week we put together a list of Home Bakers, who have their baked goodies available fordelivery.

The Brown Girl Bakes

Leann Eleena Jayawardena, an 18 year old home baker, commenced operations about a year ago from her home in Mount Lavinia.  She had always enjoyed being able to take her ideas and elegantly turn them into delicious treats for people to enjoy. Producing baked goodies that taste as good as they look, with a touch of fun and creativity was always on the top of her priority list.

Some of her specialties include Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownies, Double Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Ganache Drip, Double Chocolate Brownies, Brookies, Red Velvet White Choc Chip Cookies and Chocolate Doughnuts. All these items are available for grabs.

The Brown Girl bakes company is taking more precautions with sanitisation. She sanitizes her baking area and equipment before and after every order. The packaging is done in-house and handed over to the delivery partners, who are also following health guidelines with masks and constant sanitization of areas of contact.


Her delivery areas include Colombo 3-7, Dehiwela, Kalubowila, Mt.Lavinia, Pepiliyana, Ratmalana, Boralesgamuwa, Kohuwela, Nugegoda, Attidiya and Moratuwa.

Customers can make contact via Facebook (@thebrowngirlbake) or Instagram (@thebrowngirlbakess). Since contactless payment methods are encouraged, they will only be accepting online payments.

Little Miss Shortcake

Goodies by Little Miss Shortcake

AshmitaWijesinghe, is the face behind ‘Little Miss Shortcake.’ She is a foodie that loves baking with music and putting her heart into what she loves, which is to curate good baked goodies.

All her life, she was influenced by her grandmother, mother and father in the kitchen. And what initially started as a hobby for her, eventually turned into something special.

Today, some of her specials on the menu include Shortcakes, ‘Messy mud cake’, ‘Very very Passion sponge,’Date and Nut cake, classic coffee cake, classic chocolate cake and her Family Love cake.  She also bakes Chocolate chip cookies, to anyone having a cookie craving. These are all available for grabs. However, owing to the situation, if Ashmita cannot find any ingredients, she’ll simply let you know beforehand.

Doing it all on her own can be an exhausting affair. Nevertheless, she finds it amazing when her goodies come together and she is appreciated for making someone’s day.

Sanitizing her home and kitchen regularly is her main focus when it comes to health checks. Aside from this, constantly washing her hands and wearing a mask, especially when packing, are also some of her kitchen sanitization practices.

Her products are completely sealed and then delivered through a company that Ashmita ensures are clean, with masks from points of contact to delivery. She also ensures that her sources practice correct hygiene methods.

The delivery areas include Dehiwela, Mount Lavinia, Ratmalana, Moratuwa, Boralasgamuwa, Piliyandala, Nawala, Nugegoda, Colombo 1-7, Dematagoda and Malabe.

Ashmita can be followed on Instagram @little.miss.shortcake-

Or on Facebook via-

Binerva Cakes

UthpalaSamarawickrama learnt the art of baking from her mother and grandmother at a young age. Her business, ‘Binerva Cakes’ is a complete home based operation, with her parents also getting involved in the baking, decorating and packing.

Currently Uthpala’s most sought out delicacies are her Chocolate cakes and other frozen short eats. Some of the other items on her menu include butter cakes, marble cakes and coffee cakes. At present they don’t undertake designed cakes, due to a shortage of ingredients.

When it comes to the health checks in place, her entire family makes it a point to wear face masks while baking. Aside from this, they ensure that all their products are well packed and also follow a contactless payment system whilst delivering. The person delivering would also wear a face mask and hand gloves.

Despite the hardships she faces sourcing her ingredients (sometimes paying high delivery rates for them), Uthpala still continues, because of her passion for baking. At present, Binerva Cakes deliver to Dehiwala, Ratmalana, Thimbirigasyaya, Nugegoda, Battaramulla and Pitakotte.

For more details on making an order contact them on Facebook via ‘Binerva Catering Cakes’ or ‘Sammy’s Bakes’.

The Perfect Mix

Cupcakes by The Perfect Mix

Zahra Taiyebi, who runs operations for ‘The Perfect Mix’, is a self taught home baker. She simply learnt while watching baking tutorials online, reading recipes and “practice, practice, practice.”

She initially started baking in 2018, and tells us the reason behind her brand name is because she will be adding several new items to her menu in time to come. Currently though, some of the favourites on her menu include, Double chocolate brownies, tresleches and cupcakes.

Her ingredients are mostly sourced online and Zahra constantly has renowned supermarkets come to her rescue. Though at times, owing to the situation, she finds it difficult to find some of her items such as cake boxes etc. This still doesn’t stop her from baking though.

Zahra finds that sanitation has always been important in bakeries and other food service establishments. And today, the stakes are higher.  She maintains a clean and tidy bakery and also places importance in service sanitation. Her work begins with the safe handling of foods during preparation, and clean utensils and equipment.

The Perfect Mix currently delivers to Colombo 1 – 15, and greater Colombo areas and payments can be done via bank transfers.

For more details cand orders check out her Facebook page on- (

Or her Instagram page on –

Tiny H bakes

Tiny H bakes officially commenced operations roughly about four years ago with HaleemaNazar at its helm.

Initially though baking wasn’t something that came naturally to HaleemaNazar. But overtime, it became a good past-time for her, and stirring up new creations that led to positive feedback was the icing on the cake for her.

Today, some of her best-sellers include the Carrot and Walnut, Salted Caramel, Red Velvet, Brownie based cake with nutella, Death by chocolate, Double fudge choc-chip brownies, TresLeches, Warm buttery apple crisp etc. The demand for each of these items vary, based on the occasion and while a majority of them are available for delivery it would depend on the availability of ingredients.

When it comes to hygiene, Haleema ensures her ingredients are purchased from suppliers that have good hygiene and safety protocols in place. Her delivery partner (MNKY) makes it a point to wear masks and gloves at all times when delivering items to her customers.

Her delivery radius is quite vast, covering all the way from Colombo 01 to Ratmalana.

To place orders, customers can get in touch via Instagram on Tiny_h_bakes. Payments can be done via cash on delivery or online payment platforms.

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