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Leveraging on agri-food sector for post-Covid revival of Lankan economy

Leveraging on agri-food sector for post-Covid revival of Lankan economy

The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on Sri Lanka’s economy will be complex to predict in terms of magnitude, but directions are predictable. Being a trade dependent island nation, Sri Lanka will likely suffer from the expected recession, in addition to the disruptions in global and domestic supply chains. Notwithstanding these effects, our research shows that the [...]

Militarising and politicising Covid-19

After Covid-19, would Lanka be the same again? Only scientists and specialist medics are supposed to be qualified to tell us when or whether the virus will come to an end but they are non-committal. Only those of us who know next to nothing about Covid-19 predict with certainty about the future. And our predictions [...]

Presidential pardon is not an acquittal from conviction

A presidential pardon is not an acquittal from a court conviction. It only sets aside the sentence/punishment, but the conviction stands. The conviction can be set aside only by a superior court. Furthermore, there are criteria laid down to guide a presidential pardon. Allegedly, such criteria have not been followed in this instance. Much disdain, [...]

The Trade Cure for the Global Economy

HONG KONG – The COVID-19 pandemic has sent the world into perilous, uncharted territory from which no country will emerge unscathed. Over half of the global population is under some form of lockdown. All economies, rich and poor, are falling into recession and can limit the fallout only by working together. China – the pandemic’s [...]

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