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Taking off on Tuk Off!

Taking off on Tuk Off!

Tabletop games may not be as popular as they were once, but everyone has played a game of cards, chess, ludo or monopoly when they were growing up. Despite an increase in popularity for video games, board games continue to have their loyal base of followers who prefer the sleights of hand. As such, it’s [...]

Fitness through ‘Rebounding’

Fitness through ‘Rebounding’

Gayathri Gopal and Shamitha Hettige are two talented dancers and fitness enthusiasts who turned tables in the fitness industry, redefining it in their own way. The duo are the ultimate co-founders of ‘Rebounding’ as a form of sport and fitness in Sri Lanka. The uneven yet soft surface of mini-trampolines offers an amazing way to [...]

Why you need a plant for your desk

Why you need  a plant for your desk

Having a bonsai tree or cactus on your desk to stare at while working can keep you calm and make your job less stressful, researchers say. Japanese experts studied whether a small plant could really improve mood at work, given nature is known to improve general wellbeing. Office workers were given an indoor plant, such [...]

Golden Globes 2020: Best-dressed stars

Golden Globes 2020: Best-dressed stars

The 77th annual Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton hotel recently off with some great red carpet fashion. winners List of key winners:   BEST COMEDY OR MUSICAL “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” BEST ACTOR, DRAMA Joaquin Phoenix – “Joker” BEST ACTRESS, DRAMA Renee Zellweger – “Judy” BEST ACTOR, COMEDY OR MUSICAL Taron Egerton [...]

Music News

Music  News

Ed Sheeran taking a break this year Ed Sheeran is taking a break this year. Sheeran who was the most streamed artist in 2019 took to social media to say he had been working non- stop since 2017 and hence will be travelling to see the world. Ellie Goulding to release new album Ellie Goulding [...]

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