SLIIT is a name-brand higher education institute which will give students many professional advantages over other normal institutes. In SLIIT we believe making a difference requires not only a great deal of energy and idealism but also the experience and wisdom. SLIIT is the state of art leading non- state higher education institute with more [...]


Why you should select SLIIT for the BITECHNOLOGY Degree?


SLIIT Institute

SLIIT is a name-brand higher education institute which will give students many professional advantages over other normal institutes.

In SLIIT we believe making a difference requires not only a great deal of energy and idealism but also the experience and wisdom. SLIIT is the state of art leading non- state higher education institute with more than 20 years of excellence under the leadership of Prof. Lalith Gamage.

We are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Sri Lanka as a degree awarding institute and also recognised by many national and international organisations.

SLIIT holds memberships of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), International Association of Universities (IAU) and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), USA. SLIIT is also the first Sri Lankan institute to be accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK. Also SLIIT received the international award for the best Internal Quality Assurance Unit for the Asia Pacific Region from Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) in 2019.

Faculty of Humanities and Sciences (FHS)

In Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, our students and academics benefit from belonging both to an internationally – renowned institution and to an interdisciplinary academic community.

The Faculty was established to cater to the growing need of Science and Education related qualifications in Sri Lanka.

Currently Faculty of Humanities and Sciences strives to develop professionals in Natural Sciences, Education, Law, Psychology as well as Mathematics and English. We have made investments in developing exemplary infrastructure including smart lecture halls, the state of the art laboratories, access to e- repositories and reference libraries equipped with novel interactive educational tools creating a unique learning experience to all the students.

The Biotechnology Laboratory at SLIIT offers State of the Art Facilities

The molecular, tissue culture laboratories and the greenhouse equipped with modern facilities provide our graduates with hands on experience beyond taught content in biotechnology programme.

The Faculty has a well experienced and expanding panel of full-time academics who are well qualified disseminate expert knowledge.

Faculty comprises with renowned academics such as Dr. Malitha Wijesundara as the Dean of the faculty, Prof. Sriyani E. Peiris and Prof. Colin N. Peiris in Biotechnology, Prof. Denzil Rosa in Physics and Prof. N. Selvakumaran in Law. Their expertise knowledge in teaching & research and national & international recognition provide opportunities for SLIIT students to excel their academic work.

BSc Honours in Biotechnology

Faculty of Humanities and Sciences has identified the field of biotechnology has become interdisciplinary in global context as research in biotechnology continues to grow at a tremendous rate with applications in medicine, agriculture & food, the environment and in nano-biotechnology.

We are the first non-state higher education institute in Sri Lanka to offer a government approved, self-tailored Bachelor of Science Honours in Biotechnology Degree.

Biotechnology supports society deals with major problems such as restricted food supply for the increasing world population, challenges come from climate change, biotic and abiotic stresses in plants and animals and much more. Biotechnologists have a wide variety of career opportunities ranging from research and development, to manufacturing and quality control and assurance and to sales and marketing. Our curriculum covers all the major segments related to biotechnology, including food & agriculture, medicine, industry, marine, microbiology, molecular biology and bioinformatics.

Our graduates, with Honors in Biotechnology, are with an exemplary professional personality to take up vast number of careers in Medical Laboratories, Veterinary Industry, Research & Development, Pharmaceutical Industry, Biomedical Engineering, Agricultural Industry, Product Manufacturing & Production, Nutritional Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, forensic investigations, Bioterrorism and Marine Biotechnology.


We believe the best way to help our communities meet the challenges they face is to provide a supportive environment. ASGROPTIC denotes Association of Sri Lanka Growers of Plant Tissue Culture which is established to support the same objective. SLIIT is a member of ASGROPTIC and serve as the Secretariat to the association.

ASGROPTIC connects the expertise to entrepreneurs to introduce cutting-edge technology to be applied in their horticulture establishments. We ensure this techniques and technology is a low-cost option, hence, will be an advantage for the enthusiastic small and medium entrepreneurs. The knowledge is transferred to the eager entrepreneurs through workshops, seminars and tissue culture laboratory sessions.

ASGROPTIC has created a dynamic platform to share knowledge, expertise and best practices of horticulture, with the aim of enhancing quality and standard of all forms of horticulture products, which will contribute to the National Economy in the long run through exporting high quality tissue culture plants. Identifying issues faced by horticulture establishments and forming a unified process to overcome the issues faced by them is one of the primary objectives of ASGROPTIC.

The interested parties can join the workshops through contacting Prof. Sriyani E. Peiris through 011 754 3914 and

Molecular, Tissue Culture Laboratories and Greenhouse

Tissue Culture Laboratory is facilitated to deliver graduate level knowledge of an expertise of plant tissue culture theory and practice. Establishment of the Tissue Culture Laboratory had a research and vocational focus and introduces the learners to the practice of plant tissue culture, from modifying plants in plant biotechnology to the propagation of endangered plants

Vertical farming in the greenhouses is one of the newest advances happen especially to horticulture sector, showing tremendous potential for revolutionizing the field. So we established a world class greenhouse facility at SLIIT to support our budding growers to tap into the latest research and practices within our greenhouse.

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