UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa’s close supporters are on a campaign to muster support to seek an official residence for him. This is in his capacity as the Leader of the Opposition. In this position, they say, he is entitled to an official house. This is much the same way an official residence was given [...]


Premadasa supporters push for official residence, but Sajith mum


UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa’s close supporters are on a campaign to muster support to seek an official residence for him.

This is in his capacity as the Leader of the Opposition. In this position, they say, he is entitled to an official house. This is much the same way an official residence was given to Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader, Rajavarothayam Sampanthan, when he was the Leader of the Opposition. Until then, he was living in a small apartment complex at Anderson Flats in the Colombo 5 zone.

However, the question is whether Mr Premadasa, who is now living at a private residential complex, would himself ask for an official residence.

During the presidential election campaign, Mr Premadasa who was a main candidate, declared that he would not stay in any official bungalow he was entitled to if he became President. He said such official residences, including those in the main cities countrywide, would be converted into electronic centres.

Calls to Mr Premadasa to seek his response on whether he would accept an official bungalow went unanswered.

The question of former ministers occupying official bungalows was discussed at a top-level meeting of the new government recently. One of the participants suggested that the occupied residences should be fenced off much to the laughter of others.

Among matters that came to light was one by a former Minister who had stayed in his official bungalow even years after he ceased to hold office. That is for nearly two decades.



The meme showing President Gotabaya Rajapaksa sporting a smile as he takes a selfie of himself with the sleeping Motor Department employee in the background

Hilarious meme on President’s Werahera visit

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s recent visit to the Motor Traffic Department in Werahera has given rise to a few memes in the social media.

One such meme showed the President, who is now performing onerous duties of the state, taking a selfie of himself. The reason: During an inspection visit to the Werahera Motor Traffic Department, he suddenly found an employee fast asleep. So the meme showed the President taking the selfie with the sleeping employee in the backdrop. Some websites claimed the president posted the picture on his Facebook page, but it was not true.

In the pictures that were posted on his Facebook page, the President is seen wearing a short-sleeve white shirt during the Werahera visit.

The hilarious meme, which was a composite of two different pictures, shows the President in a light green t-shirt. It took the lid off the meme.

Nugegoda residents get police forms

In sections of the Nugegoda Division, Police Stations have distributed to every household a list seeking names of all occupants in their homes. Chief occupants have been asked to identify the relationship of those residing.

Police have said that they were doing so under the Police Ordinance and householders were given 24 hours to comply.


Ban on sale of camouflage clothes

Police are to warn textile shops not to purchase or sell camouflage material or garments.

The idea is to prevent more and more persons wearing them and thus making believe they were either military or police personnel.

Such a restriction was also in place during the separatist war. The use of such garments was banned under emergency regulations. How the present order is to be enforced is still not clear.


Wedisinghe new CID chief

Nuwan Wedisinghe has been named head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) from tomorrow.

He succeeds Senior DIG Ravi Seneviratne.

Mr Wedisinghe is currently serving as DIG in charge of the Galle Division after stints at Batticaloa and Ampara.

He also served as Director of the Colombo Crimes Division.

Troops mobilised to fight pollution

They won a near thirty year war against Tiger guerrillas. Now, the Army is being mobilsed to fight another war – this time against pollution.

A brainchild of Army Commander, Lt. Gen. Shavendra Silva, the programme will begin at the Wellawatte beach today.

Mixed A/L results for Ranjan

Actor turned parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayake sat for the GCE Advanced Level examination.

In the results out this week, he has passed political science, communication and media studies and scored 50 marks at the common general test. In addition he has also achieved an “A” for General English.

However, he has failed in the subject of Christianity.

Ranjan Ramanayake posted his A/L results on his Twitter account

Gota gives guidelines for governors

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has laid down a string of priorities for the provincial governors to follow.

The subjects include immediate measures to eradicate dengue, prepare for disaster management, ensure government proposals in the field of education are followed and steps are taken for the expeditious disposal of solid waste.

President Rajapaksa gave a briefing for the governors after they were called upon to take part in a seminar. That was to outline to them the different procedures to be followed.

The government, meanwhile, is to delay the appointment of a governor for the Northern Province. This is until G.S.M. Charles retires from the public service in two months.

Ms Charles, a reputed state service officer, last served as the Director General of Customs. She is now a Ministry Secretary.

Her intended appointment confirms that the government will not appoint a retired military officer for the position.


Navy searches for five who came from India  on fishing boat

The Navy has launched a search operation in the northern seas to locate five unidentified persons who have landed from a fishing boat in the shores of the Delft Island.

Though a fishing boat has been used for their travel from the South Indian coast, the Navy is not sure whether they were fishermen or drug smugglers.

A Navy official said that from the Delft island, the five had entered the Jaffna peninsula by a civilian boat but their whereabouts are unknown. The Police have also been called in for the search.

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