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Getting creative with editorial makeup

Getting creative with editorial makeup

Editorial makeup is not typically worn every day by ordinary people – rather it is used in magazine spreads and on the runway. But lately, the style of makeup that is used by high end fashion magazines like Vogue has now become a form of expression for many youngsters who showcase their creativity on Instagram. [...]

Jarful of salads from around the world

Jarful of salads from  around the world

With jars of salads so full that unscrewing the lids has the food literally spilling out, Salad Maps has ingeniously created deconstructed salads from countries around the world. There are  salads from Japan, Mexico, Italy, South Korea, Portugal, Thailand, Greece and India, and more salads will be coming out in the future. The salads have  [...]

Artists Alley back at Comic Con

Nestled between walls at the Trace Expert City, in Maradana, will be tables displaying months and years of hard work and creative talent based on pop culture and media. Yes, Artists Alley is back at Comic Con on December 7 and 8. “In the five years since our first Lanka Comic Con event we’ve seen [...]

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