Already late, Opula Fonseka stands in front of the mirror, putting on the final touches to her cosplay. Opula isn’t the type of cosplayer that tries on her cosplay before the event. Instead she perfects it till the last moment, puts it on, and goes. Looking at herself in the mirror and seeing the cosplay [...]


The metamorphosis of a cosplayer

A wiz at SFX, Opula Fonseka aka Bluebloodelf, can turn herself into any ghoulish creature and is now sharing her experience with other cosplayers

Already late, Opula Fonseka stands in front of the mirror, putting on the final touches to her cosplay. Opula isn’t the type of cosplayer that tries on her cosplay before the event. Instead she perfects it till the last moment, puts it on, and goes. Looking at herself in the mirror and seeing the cosplay come together the way she had envisioned it, is her favourite moment of cosplaying. Suddenly the hours of work she spent to achieve the picture perfect cosplay she saw in her head is a reality.

Corpse bride. Pic by Production House

Opula is one of the best, and arguably the most well known cosplayer in Sri Lanka. With her masterful special effects makeup (SFX) Opula can turn herself into any ghoulish creature. Of all the amazing cosplays Opula has done, her cosplay of Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas stands out for its authenticity and detail. Her first cosplay, Corpse Bride, progressively got better and better as she remade it three times. Another phenomenal cosplay was her Pinhead from the Hellraiser series, where she literally nailed even the tiniest details. Fans may also recall the Mayuru Rakshaya, the yaka (demon of death) from Sri Lankan mythology that Opula did in collaboration with Nipunika Fernando and Dominique Sedra Croos.

One cosplay where she was completely unrecognizable was the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, a creature lacking any facial features that has petals lined with many sharp teeth. Opula accurately recreated that inhuman beast, further solidifying her skill of craftsmanship.

Opula is known as Bluebloodelf on social media. And if you go to any event that has cosplay incorporated into it, you will most likely find the 20-year-old there with a cosplay that will surely grab your attention. “When I started cosplaying, it was because I wanted to feel like I belonged, but it turned out to be so much bigger than that. It was my happy place, a place devoid of all negativity, for a while. It became a place where I made so many connections with the people I now call friends where I could explore and reinvent who I am. A place free of judgement, where I can continue to grow and improve my skill set. For me, cosplay was a gateway,” says Opula.

Moving back to Sri Lanka in 2015 from Bahrain, she was introduced to the cosplay community here by Nigel Wayne White. “At this point, I was living with my aunt in Ja-ela and I would save up all my money to buy materials for my cosplays at the first Lanka Comic Con 2016,” Opula recalls.

She has always been an avid fan of fiction, TV shows and games. During her free time Opula likes to volunteer and would love to do more as a human rights activist one day.Currently she is freelancing as a digital marketer and can be hired as a SFX makeup artist.

When Opula started cosplaying she had to go through a process of having to learn and figure everything out herself. To help others interested in cosplay, she has started a cosplay blog that gives a step-by-step process of how she creates the cosplays, from the products she uses to how it all comes together at the end.

Often asked to judge several competitions, when she isn’t behind the table she is often competing and winning.

Catch Opula in the next coming cosplay platform or visit her blog to learn more about how she does her SFX makeup and cosplays in general at or visit her Instagram page to see more of her intricate cosplays

Demogorgon from Stanger Things. Pic by Ranmith Welikala






















Pinhead from the Hellraiser series.Pic by Anod Thanigasalam






















Sally from A Nightmare before Christmas






















Cosplay Workshop 2019

With the 5th edition of Lanka Comic Con around the corner, Opula has organised a Cosplay Workshop for those looking to get that extra edge in cosplaying. Each session will be conducted by cosplayers who have been recognized for their efforts in the relevant fields. The cosplay workshop will be take place on October 5 and 6, with registrations closing on October 3. Each session of two hours will be held at Geek HQ, giving participants a hands-on experience. Prices range from Rs. 200 to 500 per session. A summary of the workshops is available on her podcasts.

Those interested could click the link to register for the workshops:


Her very own podcasts

Opula’s podcast ‘Life Of A Shape Shifter’ is where she talks about different issues about cosplaying as well as with other cosplayers on different topics relating to cosplay. “An audio zoo of cosplayers in Sri Lanka and around the world” is how she describes it. Currently she has spoken to Sri Lankan cosplayers Ryan Perera, Shifani Reffai, Jeevan Sakumaran, Malintha Rathnaweera, Hasara Romel, Thesath Wijayasi, Sajith Kandanaarachchi and Oshitha Narangoda and also interviewed two Bahraini cosplayers Yin Toyohisa and Hassan (Awesomeology).

Opula’s podcasts cover the range and diversity of the Sri Lankan cosplay community. There’s Hasara Romel talking about what it is like to be a craftsman in Sri Lanka and Malintha Rathnaweera about doing quick cosplays. Opula breaks down barriers in talking about controversial topics too – she has Jeevan Sakumaran talking about his infamous original angelic Harambe cosplay as well Oshitha Narangoda discussing the ‘cold war’ between cosplayers who make their cosplays and cosplayers that buy them. She also delves into her personal life such as talking to her brother about his own experiences with cosplay and how she has affected it. From getting an outsider’s opinions on cosplay to talking about serious and controversial opinions on cosplay, Opula’s podcast covers it all. She is currently on the verge of releasing a podcast in Sinhala as well. Visit to listen to the podcasts.

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