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The metamorphosis of a cosplayer

The metamorphosis  of a cosplayer

Already late, Opula Fonseka stands in front of the mirror, putting on the final touches to her cosplay. Opula isn’t the type of cosplayer that tries on her cosplay before the event. Instead she perfects it till the last moment, puts it on, and goes. Looking at herself in the mirror and seeing the cosplay [...]

A tragedy with a kick!

A tragedy with a kick!

For once, Horatio gets to steal the show. With no Hamlet, Prince of Denmark to blot out the horizon, a publican’s son (such as Horatio is in this play) can- with pluck and grit and good looks- just as well be the tragic hero. With Hamlet at Elsie’s Bar, directed by Sashane Perera and written [...]

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