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Recreating those cameo roles in ‘Yes Prime Minister’

Recreating those  cameo roles in ‘Yes Prime Minister’

Britain is in the depths of a financial crisis. To save the situation, and his position of power, the Prime Minister Jim Hacker initiates a conference where a solution comes in the form of a multi-trillion pound pipeline deal with the oil-rich country of Kumranistan. The day is saved… until the Kumranistani Foreign Secretary makes [...]

Unwind amidst the Pacific Island magic of Kava

41 Sugar, the hip rooftop restaurant and bar that used to overlook the pale oyster pink dusk-sky of Colombo- over palmy cricket grounds and convents- has moved to a new hemisphere. No, they remain corporeally at the same place- but you would not be greeted by the elegant black and beige decor, with potted frangipani [...]

It was a Brides Of Sri Lanka picture

Our ST Magazine cover last Sunday, June 16, 2019 featured an image sent to us by Lovi Ceylon of their Kandyan Nilame outfit among other images for our story on modern wedding trends. We have since been informed by the Brides Of Sri Lanka magazine that this picture is from a cover page shoot done [...]

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