Our motherland needs us now, more than ever to stand together It’s two weeks since the “Easter Terror Attack”- the newspaper title describing the recent bombing spree that shocked and devastated  our little island on April 21, 2019. I didn’t lose a loved one nor was I in the vicinity to witness any of the [...]


Letters to the Editor


Our motherland needs us now, more than ever to stand together

It’s two weeks since the “Easter Terror Attack”- the newspaper title describing the recent bombing spree that shocked and devastated  our little island on April 21, 2019.

I didn’t lose a loved one nor was I in the vicinity to witness any of the blasts and for that I’m grateful.


I look into the eyes of the mother who lost her child that day- the day she had planned to cook a special Easter meal after their church service….

And my heart breaks….

I look into the eyes of the father who had come on holiday to our paradise island, only to lose his wife and son. Sunday’s breakfast was supposed to be their last meal before they left for the airport. It was the last meal they ever ate….

My heart aches….

I look into the eyes of the little child who stands over her mother’s coffin, crying, wondering why her mother won’t wake up- won’t open her eyes and look at her the way she does….

And my heart crumbles a little more….

I will never completely understand the pain and shock felt by those who got caught up in the attack nor will I be able to fathom the grief of those who lost their loved ones. But my heart is shattered at what has happened.

The people behind these attacks say they did it for the sake of their religion. For Allah. But if they followed Allah’s teachings or any God at all for that matter, they would not have massacred hundreds of innocents the way they did. Because love is the basis of every religion. I can’t find an adjective that has the potential to describe the attack completely…but this was not love of any kind, rather an act of cruelty, hate and violence.

They were not Muslim. They were terrorists, who warped the teachings of Islam to suit themselves and their selfish, inhumane beliefs. They had lost all connection to humanity.

Of course I’m mad! I’m angry! I’m broken! I’m scared…. Just like the rest of this country. Everything changed on Easter Sunday. Nothing will be the same. But as much as I thirst for justice, I thirst for peace and love. Although it may seem insane, I do not hate those who carried the explosives into the churches and hotels because they were influenced by a much greater force of evil- one that eventually consumed them. If anything, I am sad… I am sad that they were lost and could not be found in time to be corrected. I am sad that they had become so weak in mind that they thought they were killing themselves for a ‘greater good’. I am sad that they will never know or experience true love, devotion and life.

Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian– we are diverse, yet we are one.

The attack isn’t over until it’s dealt with in mind and spirit as well…so don’t spread hate or cause division. Our motherland needs us now, more than ever to stand together, stand strong and stand for justice through peace.

My prayers will continue to go out to the souls of those who have slipped through our hands, to those who continue to fight for their lives, to those in grief and mourning, to the armed forces who have become our shields of protection during this time and to the government that needs to start making a change.

May God bless us all.

 Yelani Dias  Via email

My heart aches for Sri Lanka

My heart aches for the lives lost on Easter day,

My heart aches for those left behind.

My heart aches for the priests in those churches that day,

that saw their flock killed,

right before their eyes.

My heart aches when I think they had fasted 40 days,

And left home, dressed in their best;

Not to come home to a meal with family and friends,

But instead to be laid to rest.

My heart aches for those who were having Easter breakfast,

Not knowing it would be their last.

My heart aches for those who came to this country

To witness its beauty;

but got trapped in this blast.

My heart aches seeing children, too young to comprehend

Why their parents lying there, wouldn’t hug them again.

My heart aches for the hundreds, still fighting for their lives,

and those left disabled, left deaf or blind.

My heart aches for those who’ve lost sole bread winners,

Amidst grappling with grief, who’d soon struggle to live.

My heart aches for the refugees and their children,

Who are feared by their neighbours and their friends.

My heart aches that they have no home yet again,

And are stranded without much hope or help.

My heart aches for the people, now scared for their lives,

Irrespective of religion, caste or race.

My heart aches because of the peace that was stolen,

A peace that we thought was here to stay!

But now I give all my heartaches to God,

and ask him to heal all our hearts and our minds.

God give our leaders the wisdom they need,

And bring peace to this beautiful land that’s in grief!

 Tiasha De Soysa  Via email

Sri Lanka, we will make you proud once more

It’s been two weeks since my heart woke looking forward to the day…or anything;

two weeks since leaving the house wasn’t wrought with worry and concern;

two weeks since I walked the streets without fear dripping from every sinew;

two weeks since the buzz of my phone brought curiosity instead of dread;

two weeks since my sister’s eyes reflected light and my mom’s last real smile;

two weeks since we last saw each other and danced to our favourite song;

two weeks since the news presenter’s chilling monotone didn’t silence the room;

two weeks since we were free of unshed tears and questions that have no answers;

two weeks since our minds knew peace and solace, and our hearts were whole;

two weeks since you held my hand and we laughed at the mundane trivialities of life;

two weeks since I haven’t worried about you or wished you were close;

It’s been a lifetime.

a lifetime since my heart slept unafraid of what it might wake to;

a lifetime since we woke to the everyday nightmare we long-since thought we’d put to rest;

a lifetime since furtive glances around the corner became daily routine;

a lifetime since I became painfully aware of the number of backpack carriers on the road;

a lifetime since going to work became an everyday battle between fear, reason and mom;

a lifetime since our hearts crumbled and the pieces blown across the  country;

a lifetime since the obsessive need to know where everyone was at all times took over;

a lifetime since a moments gone by without a thought on how a loved one was;

a lifetime since the question ‘Are you safe?’ replaced ‘I love you’;

a lifetime since anger, hurt, confusion and depression became our closest confidantes;

a lifetime since ‘normalcy’ lost its meaning and this uncertain state of limbo descended;

But this, above all else, I need you to know; I love you.

YOU, who worry about me and care even when I may not deserve it;

YOU, whom I worry about each day, but don’t voice enough how much I care;

YOU, who have always been there — without you my sanity would have deserted me;

YOU, little one, without your smile the world would seem a far bleaker place;

YOU, my multi-religious friends, none of this can change that;

YOU, who need our love the most, there is no comprehending your grief;

YOU, our armed forces, your courage gives us the freedom to find our own;

YOU, my fellow Sri Lankans – irrespective of religion or race – this is our land;

YOU, Sri Lanka, we will wipe your tears and make you proud once more;

YOU, reading this, we are in this together and together we must lift each other;

For now is not the time to pretend,

We care any less than we really do,

And we can only heal through love,

So here’s sending my love to you.

D  Via email

People at the mercy of self-serving politicians

The Sunday Times Editorial of April 28 very bravely refers to the terrorist activities of the ISIS and LTTE. But you have completely ignored State terrorism which has been in existence since 1956.  It is State terrorism that produces rebels. As years go by they are advancing in their methods which are crude and cruel.

The Muslim youth proved to be good fodder for ISIS after the Aluthgama incident. So leaders instead of focusing on their power and perks and status should be more service minded. If national interests dominated, the leaders  would have acted swiftly by delegating arrangements to protect the people.

Grievances are not addressed and allowed to get worse. People are still good. But the so-called leaders don’t guide them properly.

Name illegible  Colombo 4.

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