A tragedy that could have been averted The news reports on the most tragic incidents on Easter Sunday indicate that by  April 11, 2019, through intelligence information, the  Police Chief was made aware of possible attacks on churches in Sri Lanka  and that in turn he passed the same to his deputies. It is now [...]


Letters to the Editor


A tragedy that could have been averted

The news reports on the most tragic incidents on Easter Sunday indicate that by  April 11, 2019, through intelligence information, the  Police Chief was made aware of possible attacks on churches in Sri Lanka  and that in turn he passed the same to his deputies.

It is now very clear that the Police Chief and his deputies took no action at all on this warning as no national alert was publicized. There was a time gap of almost 10 days till Easter Sunday, the D-day in this instance, and there was no follow-up action which should logically have been to first make the church authorities aware and then arrange for strong security around churches in consultation with Church  authorities, during the Good Friday-Easter Sunday period when devotees throng these places for worship.

Nothing of the sort happened and the bombers had a field day and easy access to their targets, sans any security checks as is usual in churches, to which there is free access for anyone. A CCTV recording at the St.Sebastian’s  Church, Katuwapitiya, clearly showed the suspected bomber walking into the church through a side door with a heavy backpack which probably had the lethal bomb for detonation and the onlookers said that just after the entry of this man, the dreaded explosion occurred. Had there been tight security, this man could not have gained access to the church that easily. In fact, genuine worshippers never walk in like that to church with heavy backpacks and even the people in and around the church at that time would definitely have prevented him from walking in, had there been a national alert published well in advance.

Based on the foregoing, it is most apparent that there has been a major lapse on the part of the Police Chief and his Deputies, as they have miserably failed  to perform their relevant duties, either purposely or through negligence. Had they quickly acted on the advance information they had, at least the tragedy in the churches could have been avoided or minimized.

Now in the aftermath of this tragedy when Sri Lanka is once again in the spotlight worldwide, for bombings targeting innocent civilians after a lapse of almost 10 years of calm and peace, it will be interesting to find out whether the Police Chief and his deputies will not be held accountable. Of course, given the fact that in this country, where people in authority boast of the responsibilities they hold, and accountability for lapses is mostly unheard of and passing the buck is mostly the order of the day, it is probable that the same situation will prevail with no change, unless there is a drastic change in the approach to administration, at least now.

We have to only wait and see.

A.Bedgar Perera  Moragolla, Imbulgasdeniya

NDT course: How many more lives have to be sacrificed before authorities open their eyes

As a former staff member who taught on the N.D.T. Course for many years, I was not at all surprised to hear that a student had committed suicide after being severely ragged. This is because the authorities do absolutely nothing to stop this menace.

The first years are made to undergo the most degrading, inhuman and perverse punishments. They are deprived of sleep, food and even face physical harm. In fact I heard that one student had fractured his legs due to ragging and now attends lectures in a wheelchair.

The senior students – the raggers see this as a part of the N.D.T. culture and the authorities are willing to turn a blind eye for the simple reason that they do not want to cross swords with the seniors. They are scared that there will be strikes. So is it necessary for more innocent students to sacrifice their lives before the authorities open their eyes?

This menace can be eradicated to at least an extent, if the authorities are willing to take stern action against the culprits. Sack them or suspend them. It is better to close the Institution for sometime than seeing young children, our future generation, committing suicide.

 ‘Former Staffer’

Those responsible must be brought to book

The Presidential Commission of Inquiry appointed to probe the Easter Sunday terror attacks must include within its remit to find out the persons in authority who were negligent in not heeding the intelligence information made available to them. The persons responsible must cease to hold the positions they hold presently and they must be brought to book.

Rohan Fernando  Mount Lavinia

Stop passing the buck: It’s disgusting

 It is with deep regret that I write this.

First and foremost my heartfelt condolences to the families of all those who lost their lives.

So, it is a known fact that the government was informed  beforehand that such monstrous  incidents will take place.  What action did they take to protect the common man ?

We can already see that politicians have once again made this a platform to wash each other’s dirty linen in public as is always done.  Disgusting.   We, the people have had enough of this.  At least for once why can’t they sit at the table as a body and think of how to address this tragedy instead of passing the buck?

We as a country were just beginning to take a step forward and now we have been pulled back ten-fold because of a bunch of lunatics with warped minds.

We don’t want to see any more of these gruesome incidents happening and  personally I think those in authority have to take the responsibility for the lapse on their part and do something constructive. Otherwise sorry to say our beautiful island will not see the light at the end of the road and will get isolated once again from the rest of the world.

A concerned citizen  Via e mail

Thoughts on banning the face veil

 As suggested by a reader in an English daily to ban the face veil,   I think both Muslims and non-Muslims  will endorse this under  the prevailing situation in the country.  But I am of the opinion that this ban should be a temporary one  because of the divergent views of the Islamic theologians as to whether the face should be covered or not.

As for those who abuse this attire I strongly feel that the culprits should be given the most stringent of punishment in order to prevent a recurrence. Legislation may have to be passed wherein the details of the punishment such as life imprisonment, people etc. could be stipulated.

I also kindly request to refrain from referring to this as Ninja as it is tantamount to ridicule of a modest dress as done by some announcers over a few radio channels.

 Mohamed Zahran  Colombo 14


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