In memory of Easter Sunday blast victims


The London Buddhist Vihara this week held prayers in memory of the victims of the bomb blasts in Sri Lanka. Our picture shows a section of the Sri Lankan community and others at the remembrance.

The Odisha Center of the Maha Bodhi Society of India organised an Inter-Religious Peace Prayer for Sri Lankan victims of last Sunday’s blasts. The peace prayer in the temple premises was mainly attended by ladies from different faiths who condemned the meaningless violence.

Friends of the Accident Service donated bedsheets, blouses and biscuits to the National Hospital for victims of Easter Sunday’s bomb blasts. Picture shows (left to right) : The Matron, Dr. Samadi Samarakoon, Director, Accident Service, National Hospital, Khalid Noor Mohamed, Chairman of Raugh T. Garments, M. Passella, M. Razik, Secretary Accident Service and Rajah Sinnathuray, Vice President, Accident Service.












































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