Flamingos at Mannar As this is the bird migratory season, we went on a trip to Mannar to see the flamingos and other migratory birds because it is one of the best places to see birds in our country. At first we spotted flamingos far out in the lagoon and later in the salt pans. [...]

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Flamingos at Mannar
As this is the bird migratory season, we went on a trip to Mannar to see the flamingos and other migratory birds because it is one of the best places to see birds in our country.
At first we spotted flamingos far out in the lagoon and later in the salt pans. We observed them closely in huge flocks of about 500 strong.
We went early in the morning, wearing earthly coloured clothes and making no sound, so that the birds wouldn’t fly away as they are very shy. We spent a long time watching these graceful birds and taking their photographs. The sight was magical.

Only one species of flamingo – the Greater Flamingo, can be seen in Sri Lanka. They filter feed on
brine shrimp and blue-green algae using their unusually curved beaks. The pink-reddish hue of flamingos is due to the carotene pigments present in their diet. When flamingo chicks hatch, they have a straight beak and can’t feed by themselves. So the parents feed them with a special secretion called, ‘crop milk’, that comes from their beak.

We were lucky to see many other migratory birds too. Some of them are Northern Pintails, Garganey, Grey Francolin, Whimbrel, Stilts and Plovers.
I am impatient to go to Mannar and see flamingos next year too!

Shilpa Amarakoon (11 years)
Musaeus College

I am a girl. My name is Raima. I am four years old. I like to eat buns. I have a sister.

Raima Ghazni (4 years)
Acro Int. Nursery, Mt. Lavinia

My favourite animal
Animals are very beautiful creatures on earth. They are very helpful at times. Some animals are tame and some animals are wild. My favourite animal is the eagle.
The eagle has powerful talons and a beautiful hooked beak. It also has strong muscular legs. The eagle has sharp eyesight to judge the distance. It hunts for monkeys, sloths etc. Eagles can even carry small sheep.
I like the eagle because it is a very powerful bird and it is very large. The eagle is a great creation. We should try to protect these animals and prevent them from becoming endangered.

Aamina Gaffoor (9 years)
Royal Institute Girls’ School

My pet
My pet is a little different than others. On my eighth birthday, my father bought me a little goldfish. We kept it in a glass bowl on my table. Since then it has been my best friend and pet too.  I call my fish Goldie. It is very beautiful. It has a golden tail and lovely fins. Its big black eyes are a treat to look at. It swims in the bowl like a mermaid. I share all my secrets with my goldfish. I make sure that I feed it on time. When I go to school, my mother looks after it.

I miss it a lot when I am not at home. All my friends love my pet too. I wish I could play with it more often and take it along with me wherever I go. But I cannot take it out of water.
My father has promised to buy a big aquarium for Goldie as it has grown too big for its small bowl. I hope Goldie will be happy in its new home. I also want to get some more friends for it so that it doesn’t feel lonely when I am not at home.
I love my pet Goldie so much.

Kisan Amarasinghe (10 years)
Prince of Wales College, Moratuwa

The battle against plastic
Plastic is one of the most widely used materials in the world. It is also one of the major contributing factors of pollution. In a small country like
Sri Lanka, one of the worst problems we now face is plastic pollution. Unaware of the imminent dangers of this all-convenient product, Sri Lankans use it freely.

There is so much plastic clogged up in our drains and waterways. Plastic is causing our landfills to overflow. The reason is because of its advantages. Plastic is cheap, allowing many businesses to use it in innumerable amounts, irrespective of its environmentally unfriendly features. The constant usage and improper disposal has left garbage collectors saddled with extracting bits and pieces of plastic from sewers.
Since plastic is non-biodegradable, it may take decades or even centuries before it decomposes. There is also the danger of plastic being ingested by animals and birds. Despite this, no serious action has been taken against it.

We may not realise it now, but soon plastic will become a globally accepted threat towards the environment. Currently there are several available alternatives which have proved to be successful in most countries including Sri Lanka. The use of paper or jute in place of plastic and the usage of
low-density plastic which although less durable will help cut down on landfill trash.
Stringent regulations need to be instigated upon plastic usage, to prevent the possibility of us being drowned in a deluge of our own discarded plastic.

Raihan Agees (Grade 11)
Hejaaz Int. School, Mt. Lavinia

My favourite dessert is ice-cream. Most people like to eat ice-cream. Ice-cream is delicious and it is cool. Ice-cream is made with fresh milk, sugar and glucose.
There are various types of
ice-cream. They are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch, fruit and nut etc.
I love eating ice-cream.

Sandul Senarathne (Grade 3)
St. Sylvester’s College, Kandy

My favourite Greek God – Poseidon
Greek gods are indeed fascinating. Kronos and Rhea’s children were Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hestia and Hera. Kronos was a very bad father. There are many other gods in Greek mythology such as Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, Dionysus, Hephaestus and many others.
The main gods are the famous Twelve Olympians.

My favourite is one of the strongest of them all, Poseidon; brother of Zeus, ‘King of the Seas’ and creator of horses. Poseidon used the trident as his major weapon. He married Amphitrite, grand-daughter of the titan Oceanus. He sired many children. Many of them were great heroes such as Theseus, Percy Jackson and Ancaeus. He often got into fights with his brother Zeus, but he got along fine with his other siblings.

As an immortal ruler of the seas, Poseidon possesses the power to manipulate water and storms. He is able to create strong waves and violent storms. Sailors made offerings to Poseidon to make sure that they had a safe journey.
He will always be my favourite Greek God.

K. A. Sanchitha Wickrama (Grade 7)
Trinity College, Kandy

Memories are the stars that brighten our days

When thinking about my younger days at Good Shepherd Convent Primary, I come alive with golden memories. I remember the first day at school when I held my mother’s hand because I was shy to talk with my new friends. Then Ms. Thilini warmly welcomed me. After sometime I was alright. She taught me lots of good habits. All the teachers who had taught me told my mother I was a very silent child even thought I was a chatterbox at home.
I did many extra-curricular activities such as the western band, choir,
Little Friends and gymnastics.

The hardest thing to do in that time was knitting. I didn’t have much friends.
Time passed by and I was in Grade 5.
It was a great privilege and honour
to become the primary head girl.
Then I had to look after my fellow prefects as well. Also I learnt how
to solve problems.
I thank God for giving such memorable days and I will always cherish these moments.

Maleesha Fernando (13 years)
Good Shepherd Convent, Kandy

Our neighbour’s cinema
We watch movies produced all over the world. Some film-making countries are also known by names like Hollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood. But my favourite is the one of our neighbouring country India, Bollywood.
Recently, it was found that India or ‘Bollywood’ is the country which produces the most number of films per year. Some of my favourite movies are ‘Entertainment’, ‘Bhajirangi Baijan’, ‘Taare Zameen Par’, ‘Mom’, ‘Dhrushyam’, ‘Rustom’ and ‘Toilet’.
Many of these films teach us lessons. Some show what people are like and how they face certain situations.
Some educate us about true inspiring or horrifying tales.
Some Hindi films are really what we should be watching. It must not be inappropriate or teach us bad things, such as murdering for gain. However, I have always found Hindi movies much more fascinating and realistic than some other movies from other countries.
I hope that someday, Sri Lanka too can have the name of a well-known film producing country.

Lihini Wijesekara (Grade 9)
Lyceum Int. School, Wattala

We must have a hobby
My hobbies are
caring for dogs and collecting stamps.
In my leisure time,
I play with my dogs.
I have two stamp books with me.
I spend my time with these hobbies.
I like these hobbies very much.

Nethupama Wijeratne (Class 2)
Holy Cross College, Gampaha


An interesting book I read
Aladdin is an interesting book. In that story there are several characters; poor boy, magician, genie and princess. There was a poor boy called Aladdin. The magician asked him to become a rich man. With his magic, Aladdin saw a black well and he entered. The magician asked him to bring the lamp but unfortunately he didn’t give it.
The magician got angry. With the power of the ring, already given by the magician to Aladdin, he came out of the well.
I love this story very much. This is an imaginary story and its language is also easy to understand. Detailed pictures are also very helpful to understand this story.

Yusuf-ul-Haq (8 years)
Matale Int. School

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