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2019; Go for a proper power- sharing model

With the conclusion of an eventful year, climaxing with the dramatic events since October 26, one might need to anticipate another year where politics is probably going to take centre-stage. The President has told his dwindling party faithful to look forward to an election year. It could be any one,…


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The best democracy money can buy

The best democracy money can buy

Some years ago I happened to read an interesting book by New York-based investigative journalist Greg…

Is Sri Lanka being turned into a nation of druggies?

New era of Lankan politics and diplomacy

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Art has no barriers

Art has no barriers

Students of the Kuliyapitiya University Science Faculty (2016-2018 batches) picked a different kind of venue to…

Make Political Victimisation Report public: CTU

Delay in A/Level results hamper students: CTU

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‘Duruthu Udanaya’: Amaya Hills  NYP with Daddy

‘Duruthu Udanaya’: Amaya Hills NYP with Daddy

Amaya Hills in Kandy has planned a special New Year’s Eve Dinner Dance –‘Duruthu Udanaya 2018’…

Christmas Carols at Alliance Francaise

‘Sri Lankan Odyssey’ at Weligama Bay Marriott

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Funday Times

Annual concert of JMS Montessori

Annual concert of JMS Montessori

The annual concert of JMS (Jesus My Shepherd) International Montessori House of Children, Ekala was held…

Kids’ World

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