A super-power I wish I had It doesn’t take much to be helpful. A super power is not just flying or time-travelling. We know Batman and Superman save lives. What they are actually doing is using their abilities to help people in need. We might not have such abilities but we too can do good. [...]

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A super-power I wish I had

It doesn’t take much to be helpful. A super power is not just flying or time-travelling. We know Batman and Superman save lives. What they are actually doing is using their abilities to help people in need. We might not have such abilities but we too can do good.

People have many skills that they can use to help others. Some people think that they are useless when they have no talent. But we should remember that we don’t need to be able to fly or have a super strength to help someone. When we help our mother to cook and clean, it doesn’t take much effort or time and it’s a good deed for us and a great help for our mothers.

I don’t think I have been much help to people around me but I want to start. I invite everyone to join me in helping the world. There are so many people in the world who are suffering and they need help. All of us have the power of being helpful. People should help each other because that is better than any super power in the real or fictional world.

Fathima Dhuha (Grade 8)
Hejaaz Int. School, Dehiwala

My hometown
My hometown is Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte. It is the capital city of Sri Lanka. There are a lot of schools in my hometown. Diyawanna Oya flows through Sri Jayewardenepura. Our parliament is in Sri Jayewardenepura. There are lots of beautiful lakes and parks. Around the lakes and parks there are walking paths. There are a lot of ancient temples. There is a big hospital in Sri Jayewardenepura.

Jayewardenepura Kotte was an ancient capital. Lots of kings lived in this city. It is a very beautiful city.

Vihangi Kalupahana (Grade 4)
Janadhipathi B. V., Nawala

My heroine in life
She is tall, she is fair and she has long hair.
Her favourite colour is blue. She teaches me how to do experiments. She comes up with funny jokes and makes me laugh quite a bit. She will always be by my side.
Whenever my sister and I fight quite a bit she always corrects us so nobody gets hurt.
She makes very healthy meals for my sister and me. She helps me with my homework as well.
My heroine in my life is my mother. She is
definitely a heroine indeed.
I love my mother and she loves me too.

Anaya Perumal (9 years)
Bishop’s College

My little cat
I have a little cat
It is such a nice cat
It likes to chase a rat
And likes to catch the rat.

It is a funny cat
It loves to eat tuna
And loves to drink milk
I love my cat so much
Because it is a good cat.

Nethuki Vitharana (5 years)

My favourite toy
My favourite toy is a doll. My doll’s name is Sophie. Her dress is pink in colour. Her hair is golden. I got this doll from Santa. My sister and I play every day with my doll. Mostly we have tea parties with my doll. The day I got her from Santa was December 26, 2014. When I got her I was five years old. Every December 26th we celebrate Sophie’s birthday. We celebrate Sophie’s party in my toy room. We give one of our reading books as a gift to Sophie.

Every morning we pretend to give some tea for Sophie. When I press her tummy, she starts to cry. When I stop pressing her tummy, she stops crying. When my family and I go on trips, I take Sophie too. At night I sleep with Sophie. My best toy is my Sophie. I love my doll so, so much.

Serusha Wijesinghe (Grade 4)
Ladies’ College

An important family event
It was August 23, 2018. I was so excited because our almsgiving ceremony was to be held the following day. People came to arrange things for the ceremony. It was to commemorate the death anniversary of my grandfather. People took a long time to arrange things. I did not wait till they finished the arrangements and I went to sleep as I was sleepy. Next day I woke up very early and got ready for the almsgiving ceremony.

I quickly came downstairs to see how the decorations were done. It was so beautiful. After some time the caterers brought the food and also my cousins and neighbours arrived. Finally the monks arrived. There were seven monks as it was a ‘Sangika Dana’. The food was delicious. The desserts were very appealing, especially the jelly pudding which was made by my neighbour Aunty Achini and her son Aarya. It was so delicious. Unfortunately they could not come for the almsgiving. Everything went well. My mother, father and grandmother were so happy and so was I.

Okitha Welikala (Grade 7)
Lyceum Int. School, Nugegoda

Man is different from animals, because he can think and invent new things and learn from experiences. To develop his knowledge he uses various avenues. They are called sources of knowledge. Today, there are lots of sources of knowledge around us; books, papers, internet and so on.

Among them, books still get the foremost place. Every day millions of books are published throughout the world. They tell us everything in the universe. If you want to get any fact about any matter, there are thousands of books you can refer.Books give us knowledge, motivate us to learn about life and the world; a man with a brain and a heart. Thus the value and importance of books is beyond the words. That’s why the saying ‘Reading makes a perfect man’ is valid forever.

Sarasi Chandrasiri (14 years)
Girls’ High School, Kandy

Why I have a smart phone
I have a smart phone because I can take beautiful photos. Smart phones have many options. We can take photos, we can go to the Internet, we can take calls, we can send messages etc. From the phone we can go to Internet and we can take more information which is helpful for our studies. So a smart phone is very important for our studies. In addition a smart phone has some other uses. Some are better for adults.

Smart phones look smart. So we are attracted to smart phones. It is portable. So wherever we go we can take the phone. We can listen to music when we are alone.
In the phone we can keep our important memories. There are some other features in the phone. We can record everything in the phone. It has a calendar, it has a calculator. And modern smart phones have some other features. When we want to go somewhere we can see the map on the phone. In modern society the smart phone has become an ordinary item because everybody has a smart phone.

Gaveshi Pehesarani (Grade 6)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle

An amazing trip to Australia
My dad’s friend told us to come to visit Australia. Then I was very happy. That day we went to the Immigration Department. After that we got our passports.
The next day morning we packed our luggages. Then we went to the airport and got on to the flight. When we were going on the flight, the air hostess served us food. We looked at the wonderful blue sky.
After that we came to a transit. Then we got on to another flight. In the afternoon we reached Australia. We went to a hotel and rested for the day. The next day morning we went to Sydney. I had lots of fun when I was there. We even went to see the Opera House. Then we went to the airport and came home.
I will never forget that trip in my whole life.

Udara Weerasekara (Grade 5)
Vidyaloka Model School,

I am a fish
I am a fish. I can swim. I live in a pond. I’m red in colour. I like water plants. I am long. I have fins. I use gills to breathe. I have many friends.

Sethmi Dilakshi
Udagama K.V., Balangoda

Volcanoes are cannonballs
Who break city walls
He’s a blasting beast
Who kills 200 people at least
With lava and rocks
Which break ice blocks
It starts from the core
To the lava that pour
It’s always being greater
In a hole called crater.

Sachiv Prasath (Grade 4)
Lyceum Int. School, Wattala


Having a grandma at home
I have a grandma at home. She is my mother’s mother. Her name is Kusumanjalee Welapalagamage. She is fair and her hair is grey. She is 60 years old.
On weekdays she is staying at our house and on weekends she goes home. She carries a black colour wool bag wherever she goes.
When she’s at our house, she makes all the food. My father also helps her. After we come she makes a fruit juice and gives us. She feeds us at night and she eats after feeding us. She eats while watching television.

In the evening she does not let me ride the bicycle. She says that I’m going too fast. When I climb on to a tree, she says, “Get down, the branches aren’t strong.” When I play football, she said, “Don’t kick it harder because there are vehicles around here..” But there were no vehicles. There was only a three-wheeler.

Now my uncle and aunt got a new baby so, she’s with them in Colombo. She goes there on Monday morning by the inter-city train. She comes back on Friday evening.
That’s how she takes care of me. She does the same things to my sister too. These are the things that happen to me when having a grandma at home.

Chethaka Jayarathna (Grade 8)
Dharmaraja College, Kandy

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