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Colourful retelling of a Biblical classic

Colourful retelling of a Biblical classic

“Grow, baby brother, and come back someday. Come and deliver us, too.” Miriam softly sings as her youngest brother, Moses is cast away along the river Nile. Their mother ‘Yocheved’ looks at her little bundle floating away from her. Her heart is torn, but her only consolation is that he is safe and the Pharaoh’s [...]

Spreading some green love one pedal at a time

Spreading some green  love one pedal at a time

Stop littering, be mindful and think recycling is the message that young Nalaka hopes to spread through his one-man bicycle campaign from Point Pedro to Dondra For Nalaka Senadeera (27) growing up in Dedigama in Kegalle, his passion for conservation began when his hamlet situated on a protected reserve became a dumping ground for garbage. [...]

Building confidence and self-esteem

Building confidence  and self-esteem

The Sri Lanka Toastmasters are putting together an exciting run in a bid to create awareness of the Toastmasters movement among the general public while celebrating the birth of the organisation’s founder. The organisers hope to build camaraderie among the Toastmasters of Sri Lanka by bringing them together towards a common cause. The event will [...]

Robotics on a global scale

Robotics on a global scale

It is the second time; team Sri Lanka competed for the world’s robotic Olympics. This year, a group of 8 young inventors from the Elizabeth Moir School, President’s College Embilipitiya and St. John’s College Jaffna got to gather and designed a robot kit for the FIRST Global Challenge (FGC) 2018. FGC is an annual international [...]

Of strangers’ tales

Of strangers’  tales

As the saying goes, one must “never judge a book by its cover.” But it’s only human to do just the opposite of that. For instance one may look at a man idling and think that he’s simply lazy and going nowhere in life. But maybe he has fallen on hard times. Despite what one [...]

Someone to watch over doggy

Someone to watch  over doggy

It’s a pet owner’s nightmare: you need to go out of town for sometime and your pet needs looking after. You can entrust someone close to take care of your pet, but what if your pet doesn’t get on with everyone? This is when a good pet hostelcomes to the rescue. “The Dog Lady’s House started nearly [...]

Film on Freddie Mercury to be released next month

Film on Freddie Mercury to be released next month

Bohemian Rhapsody, the film on the late Freddie Mercury and the band Queen is to be released next month. The soundtrack will contain 22 tracks and will be available for streaming from 19th October. The soundtrack will also have new music. Queen’s five iconic Live Aid tracks will be on the album. The premiere of [...]

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