Hello again fellow techies, geeks and generally anyone who loves gadgets and gizmos. If you haven’t already figured it out yet, we love gadgets. In fact, we love them so much that we make it a point to highlight the really cool ones that we find. The gadgets are either what you can buy from [...]


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Hello again fellow techies, geeks and generally anyone who loves gadgets and gizmos. If you haven’t already figured it out yet, we love gadgets. In fact, we love them so much that we make it a point to highlight the really cool ones that we find. The gadgets are either what you can buy from Sri Lanka, or ones you can buy online.

Always remember, if you’re buying goods online, make sure you absolutely trust the vendor and fill out your details such as credit card and personal details very carefully. So without further ado, here’s the list of gadgets we found this month.

JJRC H31 Waterproof Drone

Kicking off the list of our gadgets is the JJRC H31 Waterproof drone. Now it certainly does sound like a mouthful if you keep saying the whole name. So let’s just call it the JJRC H31 Drone. As the name suggests, this is a waterproof drone capable of a flight time of around 8 minutes. Available in colors of green or while, the JJRC H31 drone has a control distance of around 70-80M and a charging time of 60 minutes.

In terms of packaging, you get the drone, a remote, a 3.7v 400mAH battery, spare propellers, protective rings, landing gears, a screwdriver, a user manual (in English) and even a pair of sunglasses to help you fly your drone in the sun. Sadly, there is no mountable camera on the JJRC H31 but if you’re stepping into the world of drone flying, then this would be the best way to kickstart things (pun intended).

Available at: Takas.lk
Price: LKR 7,500/-

The JJRC H31 Waterproof Drone (Image Credits: YouTube)

Logitech G102 Gaming Mouse

Logitech is known for manufacturing sturdy, high quality gaming peripherals and accessories. The Logitech G102 is no exception to that lineage of gadgets. Packing a sensor that can reach up to 8,000 dpi, the Logitech G102 features 6 programmable buttons, on the fly DPI shifting and also programmable RGB lighting as well.

In order to make the best use of these features, you will obviously have to install the Logitech gaming software and configure the mouse according to your exact need.

On the plus side, because the Logtech G102 has onboard memory, you can simply take your preferred settings with you wherever you go and plug in your mouse onto a PC anywhere in the world, install the software and your mouse settings will work with no issues at all.

Available at: Redline
Price: LKR 4,000/- upwards

The Logitech G102 Mouse (Image Credits: TechFlow)

Orico USB A to USB Type C/Micro USB Cable

Charging your android smartphone or tablet can be a hassle if you have a poor quality power cable. This usually means that charging times are significantly longer and can even damage your device’s battery. I recently had that same problem when the cable for my OnePlus 2 broke. So I did what any techie would do: I went on eBay and got myself an Orico USB Type A to Type C cable. Two weeks later, the cable was at my doorstep.

Straight off the bat, the first thing you will notice is that the cable is quite nicely made. Wrapped in a parachord like material, the connectors are secured in place so that they won’t break through wear and tear. In terms of charging speeds too, the cable does quite well, fully charging my phone in around an hour (with no fast charging). If you have gadgets with a MicroUSB port, then worry not as microUSB cables are available as well.

Available at: eBay, Digital Lifestyle
Price: LKR 700/- upwards

Orico manufacturers a cable for both MicroUSB and USB Type C devices (Image Credits: Shopify)

OnePlus Bullets V2 Earphones

Hailing from the same creators of the OnePlus Smartphones, the OnePlus Bullets V2 are a pair of must-have gadgets for anyone who has a OnePlus device. The Bullets V2 feature a 9mm dynamic driver with a frequency range of 20Hz – 20,000Hz and an impedance rating of 24Ohms. According to OnePlus, the Bullets V2 are fitted with aryphan polyarylate diaphragms.

This fancy talk essentially means that they reduce the weight of the earphones, while at the same time providing a high vibration frequency. To match your smartphone or tablet, the OnePlus Bullets V2 are available in either black or white, with a cable length of around 1.25m.

Available at: Wow.lk
Price: LKR 5,990/- upwards

The OnePlus Bullets Earphones (Image Credits: The Engineers Cafe)

iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit

Last, but by no means the least of the gadgets on our list, the iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit is exactly what the name says it is. Think of it as the only toolkit you will ever need to repair your smartphone, laptop or any other device that needs repairing. The toolkit packs a plethora of features such as having all the basic tools needed for most essential electronics repairs.

The tools also ship out in a convenient magnetized carrying case and also pack 16 different 4mm precision screwdriver bits. Further, the toolkit also comes with angled precision tweezers, a Spudger, a Jimmy, a plastic prybar and even a suction handle to make removal of displays off smartphones and tablets.

Available at: ThinkGeek.com
Price: USD 19.99 (LKR 3,178/-)

iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit (Image Credits: The Pi Hut)

And that wraps up our list of cool gadgets for the month of June 2018. If you have any gadgets that you think are cool and should be included on our next list, do drop a mial at mirrormagazine@gmail.com

The author is senior tech writer for ReadMe a leading tech news provider. For more information log onto readme.lk

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