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US withdrawal from UNHCR: Where do we go from here?

The United States pulling out of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) this week on the basis that it was a “cesspool of political bias” proves one thing: that it is a “cesspool of political bias”. Sri Lanka has also, in the past, said as much in not so…


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Why host the World Cup?

Why host the World Cup?

NORTHAMPTON, MASSACHUSETTS – Whom would you trust more, Russian President Vladimir Putin or Chicago Mayor Rahm…

Season of the Dragon Boat Festival

Prof. Liyanage new head of Institute of Chemistry

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Putting on those boogie shoes  with Boney M

Putting on those boogie shoes with Boney M

Nostalgic was the atmosphere at SLECC as Boney M performed their 70’s hits Live in Colombo…

At a glance: ‘Different Voices’

Tech gadgets to watch out for

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Funday Times

Poson Moon

Poson Moon

Shane lived in an apartment in the middle of a busy town. Both his parents worked…

Arahant Mahinda brings Buddhism to Sri Lanka

Malaysia – Truly Asia

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