Food has become a sub sector of art – creatives in the industry now compete against each other to serve unique creations that are personal and palatable. Among Colombo’s eclectic selection of home bakers we recently stumbled upon the Instagram account “Baking with grace” (@bakingwithgrace_). Intrigued (as most are when it’s an account dedicated to [...]


For the love of baking


Food has become a sub sector of art – creatives in the industry now compete against each other to serve unique creations that are personal and palatable. Among Colombo’s eclectic selection of home bakers we recently stumbled upon the Instagram account “Baking with grace” (@bakingwithgrace_). Intrigued (as most are when it’s an account dedicated to food) we were altogether pleasantly surprised to witness the intricate creations made by the baker.

Pix courtesy - Baking with Grace Ann

Grace Ann Perera, a mother of two daughters, has been busy baking since she was around 18 years old. An accountant by profession, baking has always been something she has had the passion for she shares.

Although her Instagram account shared its first post in early February this year, it isn’t a testament to the origins of her venture. “I technically started maybe around 5 years back,” she muses, her baked goods having grown in demand among her family and friends who have been placing orders throughout the years.

‘Baking with Grace’, has now become an almost full time operation for Grace Ann who laughs when asked whether she ever imagined it being this lucrative, with a modest “If you asked me a couple of months back I would have said no.”

One element that really stood out with this home baker is her willingness to push forward with her own education of the food industry. For Grace Ann, educating herself is crucial for the sustainability of her venture. To further her expertise in her craft this passionate home baker has done her background in hospitality education receiving her diplomas in baking from Prima Ceylon and the City and Guilds diploma in patisseries. At present she is completing the Paul Bradford diploma in Novelty cakes under the educational institution Finest Bakes.

Her courses have also greatly helped her with areas she was initially unfamiliar with – her detailed fondant work a result of this. “I do everything by hand,” she shares.
The effort put into her culinary education is evident in the minor intricacies of her cakes and bakes. From a ginormous kinder joy egg to a Boho Tepee tent to her most recent cake, a winsome elephant with a dewy gaze – Baking with Grace delivers dreams and wishes in the form of confections.

Apart from her cakes her take on the traditional kiwi and strawberry pavlova and chocolate brownies too seem to garner a lot of attention. Wondering whether the Baking with Grace’s product range taste as good as they look we decided to track down Devini Chaturya Wettimuny from the Instagram food blog “@ravenous_writerr” who recently reviewed Grace Ann’s Brownie, Pavlova and Carrot cake. Devini who has her degree in food science and technology and has accumulated experience from being a semi trained sensory panelist shares with the Mirror Magazine that the pavlova’s “melt-in-your-mouth” experience and the “crusty exterior and gooey interior,” made “all three desserts beyond amazing!”

Having personally sampled her carrot cake at a relative’s house during the Avurudu season, we too can attest that Baking with Grace goes beyond making food for just one’s eyes and Instagram accounts. Her carrot cake which was transported from Colombo to Kandy and had been sitting in a box for around 2 days – still retained its moisture and overall goodness.

The cake vanished as a feast of hungry hands grabbed at it despite not having the crucial cream cheese frosting (Grace Ann informs us that this is optional and can be added based on individual preference). Despite this handicap the carrot cake was filled with flavors from the spices and nuts bestowing it the ability to form a new religion as it can even convert the pickiest of cake eaters.

Grace Ann knew she had the hands for baking, when the Baked Alaska she made in her late teens went well with her family and friends. Thinking back she says, her motivation for baking was aroused as her father loved eating anything homemade.

Grace Ann. Pic by M.A.Pushpa Kumara

Coming from a large family of 5 girls and 1 boy, Grace Ann shares that they were all encouraged to cook and bake as youngsters. Her passion reawakened after having kids, as she loved filling her daughter’s boxes with various confections for them to share at school.

Her goodies were also largely popular among her daughter’s friends. She recalls making a cake when her daughter’s friends came over to their house. “The minute I took it out of the oven they demolished it,” she laughs with a glance at her embarrassed eldest.

Her ability to put a personal touch to her products is what Grace Ann appreciates the most and doesn’t wish for her venture to be “so commercial”. She shares “This is a God given talent,” smilingly adding “It’s why I don’t want to lose my passion for it”. Much of her demands are based on word of mouth referrals and social media posts.

Her work usually takes 2 to 5 days of preparation depending on the complexity of the order. Having been a part of many special occasions – from birthdays, to engagements, to weddings ‘Baking with Grace’ is well on its way to reaching the standards of a high scale pastry shop.

Among her carrot cake, pavlova and brownies Grace Ann is also extremely proud of her Chocolate Meringue cake. A sour cream based chocolate cake with meringue sandwiched between the layers. All her recipes are her own creations from much experimentation and trials and errors until she reaches self-satisfaction.

“A cake is a reflection of someone’s personality,” she says. For example she once received an order from a close friend for her daughter’s birthday. Grace Ann wrinkles her nose “she asked me to do a 21 number cake,” adding “I said no!” Knowing that her young lady was an interior designing student, Grace Ann instead made a fondant replica of a living room – complete with a sofa set, fireplace, coffee table etc. with a ruler, eraser and sketch pad also on the cake!

Over time her business has flourished with the support of her extended family, her daughters and her husband who have been the pillars of patience and strength with her, she says. “This business gives me so much satisfaction and fulfillment,” Grace Ann shares adding with a smile “It helped me get back my inner passion.”

For more information be sure to check out Grace Ann’s social media pages:
Facebook – @bakingwithtrudyandgrace
Instagram – @bakingwithgrace_
For order inquiries contact her on email at

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