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Sri Lanka’s sorry state of affairs: A question of ‘Whom to tell?’

Sri Lanka’s sorry state of affairs: A question of ‘Whom to tell?’

There are some thoughts that can only be expressed in pithy home-spun Sinhala — because if you try saying it in English you just cannot say what you want to say as effectively. When a situation becomes so bad that one cannot see any solution, when it is not just a situation of there being [...]

Gratiaen Prize: Three shortlisted authors share their writings

As a storm raged outside, some of the shortlisted authors for the 2017 Gratiaen Prize came together for a convivial evening where they delved into their writings in particular as well as the craft in general, within the snug library of the British Council Colombo . Sunela Jayawardene, the enviornmental architect who in The Line [...]

Dhanamaya Pinkama at Kotte elders’ home

Dhanamaya Pinkama at Kotte elders’ home

A Dhanamaya Pinkama was held recently at the Kotte Sri Nagaviharaya Elders’ Home under the guidance of Pragna Pradeepa Initiator and Western Provincial Councillor Jayantha de Silva. He is seen here presenting a gift parcel to an elderly woman in the elders’ home.

Pentecost 2018: Spiritual superpower

The Inter-Church Fellowship (ICF), which is an informal interdenominational fellowship, will hold a rally on Saturday, May 26th to mark the feast of Pentecost. This eighth annual interchurch Pentecost rally brings together people representative of the entire Christian community –Catholic, Mainline Christian churches and the Evangelical churches. The spirit of ICF is to build bridges [...]

An assault on India’s institutions

NEW DELHI – In India’s Karnataka state, the governor is favoring the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to form a government, despite an opposition coalition having won more seats in the state legislature. The ongoing controversy has drawn attention to the way in which a constitutional position has been reduced to serving the political interests of [...]

8th SAARC Film Festival 2018 – Sri Lanka

The SAARC Cultural Centre continues its tradition of bringing wider recognition for South Asian films by presenting the 8th SAARC Film Festival 2018 in Sri Lanka. The SAARC Film Festival had been held every year since 2011. This year the SAARC Film Festival will take place from May 22 – 27, with the opening ceremony [...]

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