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Norway-Lanka university cooperation promoting clean energy solutions

Fourteen Norwegian companies are coming to Sri Lanka this week to discuss the opportunities of clean energy with Sri Lankan counterparts. The gathering is a part of the collaboration between the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and the University of Jaffna on clean energy. Businesses and industry need interdisciplinary research approaches to societal challenges, [...]

Victory or reprieve? The way ahead for post-NCM UNP

Let me preface what follows with a brief statement explaining why the subject is of broader interest and concern to the Sri Lankan public than just to the United National Party leadership. From a public perspective, the overarching concern is that the UNP leadership by commission or omission is pushing the voter and the country [...]

Round Table International world meeting to be held In Sri Lanka

Round Table Sri Lanka (RTSL) has won the bid to host the Round Table International (RTI) world meeting in 2018 from September 5-9, the group’s members said at a news conference attended by Tourism Development Minister John Amaratunga. The world meeting will have more than 500 delegates from 45 countries. RTSL has chosen Negombo as [...]

Help her undergo urgent liver surgery

Nadeeka Priyangani, a mother of two children, living in No. 528/2, Ambaraluwa, Weliweriya, is suffering from a severe liver disease. Doctors have recommended that she should undergo surgery at the Global Hospital in India. For her treatment, she requires Rs. 8.5 million. She has appealed for donations and well-wishers can send their donations to the [...]

Road reopened after repairs

A long-awaited request of the Gnanawimala Road residents to renovate the damaged road was fulfilled by the UNP Borella organizer and Western Provincial Councillor Jayantha de Silva, utilising the development fund. Mr. de Silva is seen here being welcomed by the residents at a ceremony to reopen the road.

Australia’s oldest scientist heads to Switzerland to end his life

SYDNEY (AFP) – Australia’s oldest scientist, wearing a top labelled “ageing disgracefully”, has left the country for Switzerland to end his life at the age of 104, saying he is resentful that he must go overseas to die. David Goodall does not have a terminal illness but his quality of life has deteriorated and he [...]

How Iran will respond to new sanctions

PRINCETON – Since December 2017, Iran’s currency, the rial, has lost one-third of its value. And on April 10, the exchange rate’s rapid depreciation prompted the government to halt domestic foreign-exchange transactions and outlaw foreign-currency holdings of more than €10,000 ($12,000). This government’s move represents a radical change of course, following three decades of relatively [...]

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