The stupendous scenery The mountains were covered with snow and snow was falling incessantly. The winter’s breeze made the surrounding ice cold but the Scottish mountains even didn’t feel it. Herds of sheep were wandering in search of food. This beautiful scenery of course is from the Scottish highlands which I visited with my parents [...]

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The stupendous scenery
The mountains were covered with snow and snow was falling incessantly. The winter’s breeze made the surrounding ice cold but the Scottish mountains even didn’t feel it. Herds of sheep were wandering in search of food. This beautiful scenery of course is from the Scottish highlands which I visited with my parents during winter in December.

When I arrived there it was fully covered with snow similar to the glittering feathers of swans in the pond of the Kensington Palace. My heart was beating rhythmically with excitement to do a snowball fight. The outdoor chairs and tables of the cafe near the uplands were also completely covered with snow.
The peaks of the highlands disappeared in the mist. We were playing with snow until we all got a terrible runny nose and a cough. But to say it was really fun! Many pictures were taken of me by my parents.

I like this place more than any other place I have travelled to so far and I believe that you would also love it! This place can be recommended due to its unimaginable natural scenic beauty and also because of its breathtaking view in summer and winter. I would note this place as one of my favourite destinations in Scotland filled with many happy and naughty memories.

Nevanmie Ranasinghe (12 years)
Musaeus College


Being lonely
For many sleepless nights I hoped
Though the many years I had to cope
Your death was just a strange, wild dream
And you’d come back —
Or so it seemed.

I’ve realised that this is reality —
I’ll never see you be with me;
Although it really doesn’t show
You’ll still and always see me grow.

No longer can I fuss or moan,
Because I know I’m not alone -
Many others like me, some I know
Have too lost their parents long ago.

Though time eventually does its role
It’ll take some years to leave this lonely hole,
But whatever happened – good or bad,
I’ll never forget the times we had.
(For my father)

Misha Miskin (Year 8)
Horizon College Int., Malabe


A rainy day
I like the rain because of the sound. I like to hear the rain falling pitter-patter on my umbrella. Sometimes it sounds like popcorn popping.
I like to wear my raincoat and boots on a rainy day.
The road gets very muddy
and floods. We make paper boats and watch the sailing.
I like when it rains.

Raudha Fahim (8 years)
Muslim Ladies’ College

Dengue Fever
It was on a Monday night, I had very high fever. My mother got scared and sponged my forehead. I wasn’t able to go to school. Then I went to the doctor to take a blood test and he said that I have Dengue fever.
The following day I was admitted to the hospital. I stayed in the hospital for five days and I couldn’t eat for a few days. After a few days I felt better. When it was the fifth day, the doctor told me to leave. They told me to rest for one week. My mother gave me green apples and green apple juice.
We should all try to keep our environment clean.

Ranali Kodikara
(9 years)
Bishop’s College

The book I like the most
There is only one book that could be my favourite, ‘The Wind in the Willows’. It is an amazing adventure about Toad of Toad Hall. You see the problem with Toad, is that he cannot stick to one thing.
He is a very capricious toad. And it happens when Toad gets turned on to motor cars and won’t get turned off.

I like the story ‘Wind in the Willow’ because it is humorous and has a wonderful plot. Toad becomes obsessed with motor cars so he steals motor cars and passes into a dangerous area which leaves him in jail for 20 years. Just when Toad thinks his world is about to end for him, he gets out of this situation with the help of many friends.

The ‘Wind in the Willows’ is an outstanding book to read and it is my favourite. I think that anybody who has it within his grasp will love it too.

Ketheeswaran Varniethan
(Grade 8)
Hindu College, Colombo 4

Earths’ destruction
“Our life is like a bubble. It may burst
at moments that are least expected, so live it to the fullest.” This old adage is passed on to the modern and future generation. Now let me convert this to the current situation. The world is like a bubble. It may burst at any moment, so protect it.
Doesn’t this occur in anybody’s mind? Doesn’t it scare your heart and mind when thinking about this wonder-filled planet decaying? Before answering “Yes!” to these questions think to yourself. Have you ever done anything to save this earth? To this question, most of us reply, “Yes! I have put my empty milk packet inside the dustbin!” This is something to be done compulsorily by every person who resides in this world.

Yes, lecturers and professors may say this is enough but it is not. That is merely a way of reducing garbage .
What is to be done of the pollution that has already polluted our earth?
So please, think, tell and try. Think about saving, tell others to save and try to save our planet. Do anything to protect our only life-providing planet.
Reuse, Regrade, React and Recycle.

Mayuri Srikanthan (Grade 7)
Lyceum Int. School, Wattala

My pet
My pet is a fish. Its name Fishshi.
It lives in the fish tank. He has fins to swim. He has holes to breathe. He is blue in colour. He has sharp teeth to eat. He has eyes to see.
He is very beautiful and very nice.
I love my pet very much.

Mohamed Arham (Grade 4)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle

My brother and me
We are just two siblings and I am the youngest. Right from my childhood, my brother has always been my hero and will always continue to be too. I have always looked upon him for all the things that I do. He is so organized, systemic and has great values and I learn all these values from him. Though many times we do quarrel, he is the best. His name is Shamahil. One minute we fight like cat and dog and the next minute we are so much in reunion that I have seen my mom stare at us in surprise!

My brother is a rugby player. I am proud to be his sister. We both are friendly. When he is in a good mood we play a lot. I love him so much.

Zahara Soewito (12 years)
Muslim Ladies College


My parents
My parents are precious to me like the sun and moon. They are the shining stars in my life. They protect me like their own lives. They teach me the best things. They’ll do anything for me. They will risk their lives to save me from anything. They are always there to share my sadness and happiness.
I love my parents very much. One day I’ll make their dream come to life and make them the luckiest parents in the world. Those lucky parents are none other than my father Ranil and my mother Buddika.

Udara Weerasekara (Grade 5)
Vidyaloka Model School, Hingurakkgoda

My village
My village is Kalagedihena. It has paddy fields. Paddy fields are very beautiful. There is a temple in my village. There is a school in my village. Many children come to that school. We don’t have a bank. We don’t have a hospital. Our village is very big. I like my village so much.

Sadeera De Silva (Grade 4)
Holy Cross College, Gampaha

Mangroves are trees that grow on banks and streams. Mangroves have tangled roots. Mangroves such as Kirala, Kadol, Vatakeiya grow on muddy river banks. Fish like to lay their eggs on mangrove trees. Mangroves are almost extinct. Mangroves stop floods and erosion of the bank. Man is behind the extinction of mangrove trees.

Pavithra Weerasinghe (Grade 5)
Kalutara M.V.


The thrashing thunder

The thunder crashed as the wind wailed,
Men shaking their heads for those who sailed,
Because not only was it the thunder,
But also the sea,
That had woken up from its peaceful slumber.

Dark clouds up high in the sky,
Looked like burnt cotton candy,
Birds chirping on trees, afraid to fly,
Because of the wind, flowers no more stood grandly.

It begins to rain,
And it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop,
Without the shining sun everything looks plain,
As soon ice begins to drop.

As if by magic,
It all ended,
And it ended
With a rainbow.

Naadhirah Siraj
Kgaswe High School,

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