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A New Year; more of the same politics

The year 2018 has begun with some fireworks alright. President Maithripala Sirisena all guns blazing, read out the findings and recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) that he had appointed to go into the Central Bank Bond scams of 2015 and 2016. It was a scam of monumental proportions…



In a moment, a young life was shattered

In a moment, a young life was shattered

It is past noon when we walk into his bedroom to be introduced by his mother. The handsome youth is seated slightly tilted to a side with colourful…

Letters to the Editor

It is the obligation of the Govt. to facilitate  local private medical education I feel it is an opportune moment to express some thoughts on private medical education,…


My brother the leader from small days SSP S.B.Senaratne Senior Superintendent of Police S.B.Senaratne was a leader.  He was always with the clergy and temple.  He set an…

Flower power

Flower power

Its roots lie in muddy waters, yet the lotus rises above the mud to bloom; untarnished by its mucky base. Lotus (nelum), with its myriad colours is religiously…

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Inspired stitches

Inspired stitches

“Harboured in my keepsake box are the cross patterns my grandmother gifted me when I was…

Sir Paul McCartney ends tour on a high

Glamorous designs at ‘Stylish Marketer’ fashion show

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TV Times

Elvis’s 83rd Birthday Celebrations on SLBC

Elvis’s 83rd Birthday Celebrations on SLBC

The 83rd birthday celebration for the King of Rock n’ Roll, late great Elvis Presley will…

Sound Of Music

‘Pitch Perfect 3 – Pitch Perfect to face final battle

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Funday Times

Annual concert of Happy Mind Montessori

Annual concert of Happy Mind Montessori

The annual concert of Happy Mind Montessori, Mattegoda, was held at the Youth Centre Maharagama recently.…

The annual concert of Great Royal Pre-School

Annual concert of Little Angels Montessori

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