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To the beat of their drums

To the beat  of their drums

The heart and soul of a band is its drummer – usually hidden behind their kits glimpsing the audience behind wildly flailing drumsticks and a rhythmic steady beat. Breaking stereotypes since 2007 Sri Lankan drum ensemble Naadro brings forth their talent to centre stage at Viharamaha Devi Park on November 26 for their 10 year [...]

A ‘Sweet Escape’ for Slipping Chairs

A ‘Sweet Escape’  for Slipping Chairs

The Slipping Chairs needs no introduction, as anyone who’s been a part of the rock and live music scene would have witnessed them play or heard them over the radio. After years in the industry they’ve realised their debut album “The Sweet Escape.” The launch took place at the Poolside of the Hilton Colombo Residence [...]

Turning on the ‘Spotlight’

Turning on the ‘Spotlight’

The young performers at the “Ashanthi School of Music” took to the stage recently to stage – ‘Spotlight’. Held at the British School Auditorium, it was a miracle the stage could bear the talent that weighted it down that evening. The first powerful performance of the 30 piece show, was a medley of Adele’s “Hello” [...]

Ozzy Osbourne to begin farewell tour

Ozzy Osbourne to begin farewell tour

Rock star Ozzy Osbourne is to begin his long farewell tour next May. Although he is just 68 years old Ozzy, indicates that his long touring days are almost over and instead he will perform at selected live events. The tour will commence in Mexico, and then move over to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil in [...]

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