My brother My brother’s name is Ranuk Gunawardana. He is 16 years old. He studies at S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia. He likes to eat pizza. He likes to drink Sprite. His favourite sport is cricket. He always fights with me. If I take something from my brother’s things without asking him, I’m finished. He [...]

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My brother
My brother’s name is Ranuk Gunawardana. He is 16 years old.
He studies at S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia. He likes to eat pizza. He likes to drink Sprite. His favourite sport is cricket. He always fights with me. If I take something from my brother’s things without asking him, I’m finished. He plays with me during the weekends.

My brother balances his time between sports and studies. He plays the guitar very nicely. He is doing his O/Levels this year but he doesn’t take it seriously. He always gets scolded from my mother because he doesn’t study. He tells me funny jokes.
I love my brother so much.

Dineth Gunawardana (Grade 5)
S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia

My pet cat
My pet cat’s name is Kit. Kit plays with me. She likes to eat fish. I love Kit.

Salma Khalid (Grade 1)
Ladies’ College

My best friend
A best friend is someone special with whom we can share our feelings.
Everyone has a best friend. My best friend is Kadheeja. She studies in my class and sits with me. She is a very good girl. She is hardworking and very attentive in class. She is very friendly in nature to everyone meets them warmly.

She is my best friend because we have a number of similarities. We share many things with each other. We share our tiffin and enjoy very much at school. I play with her at lunchtime. She is very helpful and helps me in my studies. She often comes to my house in the evening. There we spend time studying and playing together. I thank God for giving me such a nice friend.

Zahara Soewito (12 years)
Muslim Ladies’ College

My garden
I have a beautiful garden. It is not very big but I keep it very nicely. I help my mother to water the plants. She has grown a row of mango trees at the back of the house. There are a lot of flower plots which add beauty to my garden.
A lot of butterflies come flying to my garden in search of nectar. I have kept a bird-bath at the bottom of the garden. Birds enjoy bathing and eating breadcrumbs. I like to see fresh flowers smiling at me when I get up early in the morning. I have the best garden in my neighbourhood.

Mayantha Anuththara (Grade 2)
JMC College Int., Angoda

Let’s protect endangered animals
An endangered animal is an animal categorised as likely to become extinct. Animals are at risk because of changing environments and predators. Nowadays many animals are driven to extinction mostly due to human activities. Humans hunt animals for food and shockingly for entertainment and also for the production of various items.

For example, crocodiles are hunted for their skin, to make leather bags and shoes. Even stingrays, ostriches and snakes are used for this cruel purpose. The use of animal skins makes such animal species become endangered day by day.

The IUCN Red List consists of highly threatened animal species such as the Iberian Lynx, Siberian Tiger, Blue-Throated Macaw, Brown Spider Monkey, Siamese Crocodile, Burying Beetle and Kemp’s Turtle.

Among endangered species, one of the animals at highest risk is the Vaquita. The Vaquita is the world’s rarest marine mammal. It is on the verge of extinction with only 30 left alive. The Amur Leopard is also endangered with only 60 of these unique big cats left. The Javan Rhinoceros is also highly endangered; only 63 animals are living today.

To protect these animals we have to do our best or soon there won’t be any more living for us to protect. Scientists say that the best way to protect these species is to protect their homes. The places animals live, find food and shelter, and raise their young, all should be taken care of. We shouldn’t destroy such places. We should also stop using hazardous pesticides which poison and kill animals. By not purchasing products made from animals we can show our support to this cause. By refusing items made from ivory, coral, tortoise-shell, fur, snakeskin and medicinal products made from tigers and rhinos, we can show our support to conserving and preserving wildlife. Every little help we can give counts towards protecting the beautiful animal world around us.

Senujee Wickamasinghe (15 years)
Musaeus College

A rainy day
It was a Saturday. I got up early in the morning. The sun was shining with a blue sky. I was very happy because
I could go out with my parents. I got ready with new clothes.
Suddenly the weather changed.

The sun got covered with dark clouds and the environment became dark. Birds flew to their nests expecting heavy rains. It started with small
tiny drops, the wind started blowing. The branches of trees started moving here and there. Leaves fell from the trees, small rain became heavy and a thunder storm started with lightning. The rain water started flowing around our house and created water pots. With heavy rain, the closeby road got flooded. People ran here and there to find shelter. Some used umbrellas.

My little puppy got caught to the rain.
We decided not to go outside.
I made paper boats and floated them in water. When I did that I also got wet. Therefore I started playing with rainwater. I enjoyed playing with the rainwater.

Yonal (Grade 4)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle

My pet
I have a dog.
His name is Tiny. He is four years old. He likes to eat rice and drink water. He can run fast like a horse. He is black and brown. He loves me a lot and I love him too.

Siyathi Kisansa (Grade 3)
Lyceum Int. School, Panadura


My hobby
My hobby is reading. Reading is an exciting way to learn about the world. If you read a lot you will know all the spellings of the words. Reading will improve our knowledge too.
My parents buy me a lot of books.
I read one book every day. I love to
read books very much, and want to be
a knowledgeable person in the future.

Kantha Subashi (Grade 3)
Hillwood College, Kandy

My country
My country is Sri Lanka. It is beautiful. It is a small country. Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Malay and Burghers live in my country. I love my country.

Gayan Bandara (Grade 4)
Mahasen Junior School, Dambulla

My village
My village is called Ingiriya. It is also known as Maha Ingiriya because it is on the Colombo – Ingiriya road. The people who are living here are very innocent and kind. We live close to the Maha Ingiriya road. Most of our villagers are farmers who work in paddyfields and also grow vegetables. Some of the women come with small babies to my home to get advice from my mother because my mother is a midwife. Sometimes my mother goes on her scooter to their homes.
I love my village because it is very quiet and clean.

Chatuni Weerasiri (Grade 4)
Sripali Vidyalaya, Horana


How I spend my leisure time
Leisure time means my school holidays and vacation. Since every weekend is a holiday I use my leisure time to engage in my hobbies. My hobby is drawing. Only a few of my friends like drawing. When I am drawing at home my mother always helps me. She encourages me to draw sceneries. When I am painting those drawings she’s my teacher always. I still remember the first day when I saw a drawing of mine published in a kiddies paper.

I also love to go to the beach with my mum, dad, brothers and my sister on some Sunday evenings. I play there with my brothers and sister till dusk. When we get back home we are so tired, but very happy. Sometimes drawings depict sunset, sandy beach and catamaran. Although I can’t swim in the sea, I spend my leisure time swimming in the pool on Sunday morning.
I wish to get more leisure time, enjoy myself doing my most favourite things.

Tharusha Fernando (Grade 10)
Jennings Int. College, Nainamadama

My family
My family is very beautiful.
There are six of us. Our father is the
head of the family. His name is Rifkhan. He is a businessman. Mother is a housewife. She is from Kuruwita.
The first child in the family is my elder brother Muhammadh. Second is me.
I’m Abdullah. Third is my younger brother Abdhur Rahman. Last is my one and only sister Maryam. She is the only daughter in the family.
We are very united. We help each other every time. I love my family very much.
Abdullah Rifkhan
Universal Int. School, Balangaoda

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