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Beer, Booze and the new intoxicants

The ‘Mangala Budget’ of the new Finance Minister ran into two or three obstacles – from shipping agents, and also those opposing his move to reduce beer prices aimed at weaning people from hard liquor. In the first cases, it was more the lobby wanting protectionism and in the latter, those who believe prohibition is [...]

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry

The petrol crisis was something the Finance Minister could have done without as a forerunner to what he famously called his ‘designer Budget’. The shortages hit all parts of the country throwing grave doubts over the management skills of the Government. When Sri Lanka’s economy was in the doldrums in the 1970s, it was referred [...]

The Russian Revolution; from Vladimir Lenin to Vladimir Putin

Next Tuesday, November 7, marks the centenary of an event that changed the course of world history for the better part of the 20th century – the Russian Revolution of 1917. It was the good ship ‘Aurora’ anchored on the river Nev, flying the Red flag of the revolutionaries, which fired the first salvo into [...]

SAARCLAW: What it means to the people

When President R. Premadasa declared open the first South Asian Regional Cooperation for Law (SAARCLAW) conference in Colombo in 1991, Sri Lanka’s then Chief Justice sat next to him. Neither uttered a word to each other throughout the proceedings as an election petition was being heard against the President by the country’s apex court. Such [...]

Supreme Parliament, Sovereign People

Parliament decided to celebrate 70 years of Parliamentary democracy in Sri Lanka this week, ironically in the shadow of a former Chief Justice going to the Judiciary complaining that the Legislature acted against the law of the land. He is alluding to the recent passage of amendments to the Provincial Council Elections Act controversially passed [...]

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