My favourite personality The name Einstein has become synonymous with the word genius. Albert Einstien’s theories brought a revolution in the world. His theories were profound, although his ideas stemmed from common everyday occurances. He was born on March 14, 1879 in the town of Ulm in Wurttemberg, Germany. Einstien was no child prodigy. At [...]

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My favourite personality
The name Einstein has become synonymous with the word genius. Albert Einstien’s theories brought a revolution in the world. His theories were profound, although his ideas stemmed from common everyday occurances.

He was born on March 14, 1879 in the town of Ulm in Wurttemberg, Germany. Einstien was no child prodigy. At school he was considered as average until he taught himself calculus. Einstein was barely a one year old, when his parents moved to Munich. His father opened a small electro-chemical factory and here Einstein would spend his childhood. Under the influence of his uncle, Einstein developed a keen interest in Maths and Physics. Together, they explored the mysteries of the Algebraic and Mathematical numbers. Young Einstein also inherited a love of music.

He completed his studies at Luitpold Gymnasium. He met his happy-go-lucky distant cousin Elsa and fell in love with her and married her.
Today in the 21st century, when it comes to pay tribute to this great man who delved deep into the concepts of time and space, we realise that he gave a new dimension to the concept that was explosive and controversial.
This is what made Einstein so important.

Fahmidha Yousuf (13 years)
Al-Manar Int. School

The biggest book sale in the world
The biggest book sale in the world is the Big Bad Wolf book sale. It was inaugurated on May 13, 2009. The book fair sells all types of books like fiction, non-fiction, history, novels, literature and children’s literature. It was hosted at Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and recently was in Sri Lanka at the SLECC
(Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre).

I went with my family on the very first night and managed to fill two trolleys with all the books we like. I also received two free Top Gear magazines which made me even happier. After three long days of pouring over the books, my dad made a short statement which struck me with astonishment and amazement. We were to go once again!

We were in for nearly three hours and finally purchased three trolleys full of the best books ever.
I’d recommend the Big Bad Wolf sale over and above any other book sale and last but not least, the Big Bad Wolf isn’t bad after all since he shared his amazing load of books with all of us.

Hudhayfa Moulana (12 years)
Achievers School

My name is Umar Shamroz. I am six years old. I live in Dehiwala. My mother’s name is Nuzha. My father’s name is Shamroz. I have one brother. His name is Naqeeb.
I am studying at Zahira College, Colombo. I am now in Grade One.
I have lots of friends. My best friend is Osman. My favourite sport is football. My favourite colour is red. My favourite fruit is oranges. My hobby is to play with my brother. My future ambition is to become a doctor.

Umar Shamroz (6 years)
Zahira College

My fish
I have a little fish. She is pink. She loves to eat fish food. Her name is Pinky. I love my fish.

Sheneshi Silva (Grade 1)
Ladies’ College

My favourite toy
Dolls are my favourite toy. I have a beautiful one. It is called a Barbie doll. I dress her up and play with her. I named her Moana.

Indumini Uththara (Grade 2)
Visakha Vidyalaya, Colombo

The most enjoyable trip ever
I have been on several trips with my parents but the most enjoyable trip was the one I went with my school friends.
On October 2, all the Grade Five students in my school went on a trip to Matara.

Early in the morning, we went to school and eight big air-conditioned buses were waiting for us. We went along the Southern Expressway. From the beginning, we started to sing songs and my class teacher Ms. Chamani Rathnapala and Ms. Hemamalie also sang with us.
On our way, we saw a lot of peacocks.

At Matara, we went to see the Star Fort which was built by the Dutch in 1763. We saw a ‘draw-bridge’ inside the museum there. After that we went to see the Weherahena Buddha Statue. That statue is 50m high and is the largest seated Buddha statue in Sri Lanka. To go to the statue we had to pass a tunnel which had horrific models of demons and sinners in hell.
I got so scared after seeing that.

After lunch, we went to the most exciting place we were waiting for, which was the Kinro Fantasy World. There we had loads of fun and didn’t feel hungry or tired. We didn’t want to end the trip but sadly the time had come for us to return home. The joy and experiences I got from that trip
will stay in my heart forever.

Shenalie Mendis (10 years)
Musaeus College

My visit to Tantirimale During our visit to Anuradhapura
last August, my uncle took us to the ancient religious site of Tantirimale. It was a long journey of about one hour from Anuradhapura town.
Tantirimale is situated in Mahavilachchiya Divisional Secretariat in Anuradhapura District. Along its northern and eastern borders runs Malwathu Oya. On the west, it is bordered by Wilpattu National Park. Its southern border is Mahavilachchiya main road.

We were really amazed at the large area (250 acres) of rock on which this historical site was built. The setting sun created magnificent pictures all around. While looking around, my uncle explained the historical facts and legends related to the place.

We could see the remains of so many religious creations, irrigation systems and architecture made of stone. And there were stone inscriptions and cave paintings belonging to pre-historic periods. There is also a stupa and a Bodhi tree that has a legend behind it. Legend says that during Theri Sanghamitta’s journey to Anuradhapura with the sapling of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, she stayed one night at Tantirimale. And people could witness the sapling of the Bodhi tree emitting the six colours of the Buddha’s aura. To commemorate this miraculous happening, King Devanampiyatisa, later planted here the first seeds taken from the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi. That is the Bodhi tree we see today at Tantirimale.

Another legend says that King Dutugemunu banished his son Prince Saliya with his low caste wife, Asokamala to Tantirimale. After some time, the king pardoned them by gifting a necklace made in the shape of a butterfly variety named ‘Tantiri,’ to Asokamala. She offered it in the making of the stupa at Tantirimale. That is how it got its name Tantirimale, meaning ‘necklace made in the shape of a Tantiri butterfly.’ There are so many fascinating legendary stories like this about Tantirimale.

We saw some clever craftsmanship of our ancestors while walking around. The Samadhi and reclining Buddha statues, an ancient library carved in stone, cave paintings are some of them. It was very interesting to listen to my uncle, who took us back in time with his knowledge about the place.

Lihini Bhadrakachchayana (Grade 5)
Viharamahadevi B.V., Kiribathgoda

The Sun
The Sun is a very, very, big ball of fire. It is made up of hot glowing gases. The Sun is the nearest star to the Earth. It is million times bigger than Earth. The Sun gives us heat and light. It makes plants to grow. It is the biggest object in the sky. Because of its brightness we cannot look at it.

Tharushi Buddini (Grade 2)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle

My sister
I have a sister.
Her name is Nethupama.
Next year she will be in
Grade One. She is very
faithful and fair. She helps me. She wears beautiful frocks and she wears jewellery. My sister’s best friend is Thewmini. Her favourite food
is rice and her favourite drink is milk. My sister’s favourite pet is a cat. She loves me. I love my sister very much.

Methupama Wijerathne (Grade 5)
Holy Cross College, Gampaha

The bee
Bees are very useful insects because they are making very valuable medicine. That is called bee’s honey. They are very active and work hard all together. From early in the morning they collect nectar from flowers and store in a bee hive. There is a queen bee in each and every bee hive. She lays eggs. There are workers, guards and baby bees too in a hive.

Thehas Gamage (Grade 2)
Sussex College, Negombo

My favourite movie
My favourite movie is ‘Frozen.’ I have watched many movies in my childhood but this movie is special to me. There are five main characters in this movie. They are Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and finally Hans.
In this story, these main characters get trapped to a cold winter. Their kingdom gets covered in snow. The wicked character in this movie is Hans. I like this movie very much.

Senuri Hansika (Std. 4)
Jennings Int. College, Nainamadama

My pet
My pet is a dog. Its name is Teddy. Its colour is black and white. It is very kind and playful. Its birthday is on October 15. Its favourite foods are meat and fish. Its favourite drink is milk. Its hobby is playing with me.

I love my Teddy.

Prabhashi Gethmi (Grade 8)
St. Agnes B. M. V., Balangoda

My father
My father loves me a lot.
He gives me everything I want.
He takes me to school. He plays with me. He takes me on trips.
He is very clever and smart.
My father is my hero.

Methindu Sasrutha (Grade 3)
Rahula College, Matara

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