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Special Rapporteurs: More problems than solutions

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken great pains to explain why a UN Special Rapporteur with the imposing title ‘For the Promotion of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Guarantees of Non-Recurrence’ is in Sri Lanka these days. Appointed by the UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council), everyone is keen to say he is not on [...]

Supreme Parliament, Sovereign People

Parliament decided to celebrate 70 years of Parliamentary democracy in Sri Lanka this week, ironically in the shadow of a former Chief Justice going to the Judiciary complaining that the Legislature acted against the law of the land. He is alluding to the recent passage of amendments to the Provincial Council Elections Act controversially passed [...]

Instead of jiggery-pokery, fix the PC system

There is a pithy local saying ‘nangi pennala akka dunna’ (showed the younger sister and palmed off the elder one) to describe what happened before an arranged marriage where the marriage broker or the prospective groom was conned and taken for a ride. Whether this is indicative of what the Government did last week in [...]

Lanka’s nuclear policy unclear

President Maithripala Sirisena addressing the UN General Assembly (UNGA) on Tuesday, spoke of Sri Lanka being a good UN member-state abiding by its treaties and obligations. And yet, while in the city all week, neither he nor his Government signed the Nuclear Treaty that the country voted for. The signature book was open all week [...]

Sri Lanka and the changing world order

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) begins its annual sessions in New York tomorrow overshadowed by the threat of one of its trigger-happy member-states, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) going ballistic, threatening a nuclear catastrophe with global implications. President Maithripala Sirisena is billed to speak on day two – Tuesday, September 19. [...]

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