A visit to the zoo I went on a visit to the zoo with my family. It was so much fun. We must buy tickets to enter the zoo. At the zoo, I saw animals big, small and large. There are hundreds of animals in the zoo. There are different types of animals such as [...]

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A visit to the zoo
I went on a visit to the zoo with my family. It was so much fun. We must buy tickets to enter the zoo. At the zoo, I saw animals big, small and large. There are hundreds of animals in the zoo. There are different types of animals such as monkeys. Giraffes, deer, buffalo etc. At the zoo there are animals that eat different types of food such as carnivores (meat-eaters), herbivores (plant0eaters), omnivores (meat and plant-eaters). I enjoyed a lot at the zoo.

There is an elephant dome where the elephants dance at the zoo. Some animals at the zoo are dangerous and some are innocent. There are colourful birds such as parrots as well. The zoo is a very exciting place to visit. But I feel sad because the zoo animals are trapped in a cage and the jungle animals are free. We must love and protect the animals and the animal kingdom. I would like to visit the zoo once more.

Shalomi Nithiyaraj (10 years)
Najaa Int. School, Mt. Lavinia

My favourites
My favourite food is pizza. My favourite colour is orange.
My favourite
subject is English. My favourite sweet is Snickers. My favourite town is Chilaw
and my favourite game is Clash of Clans.

Saeedh Khan (Grade 2)
Royal College


My birthday
My birthday is on September 17. It falls on a Sunday this year. I am going to be six. I want to have a Moana cake.

Sheneshi Silva (Grade 1)
Ladies’ College

My grandma’s caramel pudding
Oh! What an aroma I smelt coming from my grandma’s kitchen. It smelt just like the sweet, sticky flavours of caramel I taste whenever I am at a hotel. She was making the delectable caramel pudding. It had that supple, squashy, pulpy and juicy texture.

Talking of flavours, my goodness, it was heavenly since it had a caramelised top and right in the middle of the pudding there was a raspberry sauce that when you cut open it just popped all over your plate as if by magic. When you eat it, you feel it running through your tongue and being rubbed on your palate and slipping down your throat.

My grandma’s caramel pudding is the best dessert in the world in my opinion since she has been following the recipe from her own grandmother and that is what I think makes it so special.

Hanan Zuhry (12 years)
Ilma Int. Girls’ School


The person I like the most
When I think about the person I like the most, it is my own mother. How good is she… She prayed for me and brought me into this world. She gave me sweet milk to make me strong. She fed me with tasty food.

She is the energy in my life. She encourages me. It is because of her that I have reached this far. She taught me well. She stays with me all the time. She stayed awake, morning and night when I was ill. Her kind eyes are a cure for all sicknesses. There is no mother in the world like her. She is beautiful because of her goodness. She is the best mother anyone can have.

Sinali Bethmage (11 years)
Musaeus College

A Series of Unfortunate Events
I have read a lot of books, but my favourite is ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’. This series is written by
Lemony Snicket.

‘The Series of Unfortunate Events’ is based on the lives of the Baudelaire orphans. Their lives are very adventurous but very miserable, unpleasant and dangerous too. Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire’s adventures began when the three siblings were relaxing at the beach and they receive the distressing news that their parents have been killed in a dreadful fire, and so they are sent to live with a distant relative named Count Olaf.

Count Olaf is a greedy and evil man who wants to snatch the Baudelaire fortune. The three children survive living with Count Olaf but since then Olaf follows them everywhere. He is always right behind them, performing terrible deeds such as kidnapping, disguises, poison and nasty phone calls.

Sometimes when I am reading I wonder if such miserable and unfortunate events could happen to anyone, but it does. Why I like ‘The Series of Unfortunate Events’ is because the author describes all the happenings of the Baudelaire orphans and because the three siblings are united and always working together, because team work is the best way to accomplish anything in life.

Indumini Samayadasa (Year 6)
Asian Int. School

A balanced diet builds up a healthy man
We all like to be healthy. Therefore we should do exercises and have a nutritious balanced diet. Food is an important part of our lives. There are five main nutrients in the food we eat. They are Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals, Protein and Fats. They are very important for many reasons. Carbohydrates and fats give us energy and proteins help us to grow. Vitamins and minerals are important to fight against diseases and to protect our body. You should drink plenty of pure water because it helps in digesting food.

You should also stay away from fast and junk food because they are harmful to our body. In the modern world, most people are addicted to fast food. As a result most people have become victims of non-communicable diseases. Diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity are some of them. To prevent these diseases, we should take a balanced diet. A balanced diet keeps us healthy and active.

Rawindra Tennakoon (12 years)
Sri Sumangala N. C., Nildandahinna


Mahaweli River
The Mahaweli is
the longest river in
Sri Lanka.
It is 35 km long.
Its drainage basin is the largest in the country. It rises in the Horton Plains on Kirigalpottha and Thotupola mountains. It produces electricity.
The river reaches the Bay of Bengal on the southwestern side of Trincomalee bay. It provides more than 40% of Sri Lanka’s electricity. The Mahaweli river is dammed at several locations to allow hydro-electricity generation and irrigation. Many of Sri Lanka’s farmers’ livelihood is dependent on Mahaweli River. It adds beauty to nature. In its journey to Trincomalee it passes through beautiful mountains, forests and busy towns.

Yonal (Grade 4)
Royal Int. School. Kegalle

The cat
I have a cat.
Its name is Riki.
It likes to eat fish.
It likes to drink milk.
It plays with me. He is white in colour.
I love my cat.

Nethupama Wijerathne
Tiny Tots Nursery, Gampaha


Ice cream
Ice cream, ice cream,
ice cream
Who doesn’t like ice-cream?
Imagine our whole world made out of ice-cream, so as our houses.
I’m in a world of ice-cream
So as you too.
Come and join me in this brilliant party,
And enjoy yourself too.

Hafsa Buhary (11 years)

The lion is the king of the forest. They live in India and Africa. They are carnivorous animals. They are very good hunters. Male lion has long hair around his head. Most female lions live in groups and also hunt in groups. Baby lions are called cubs. In our National Flag there is a lion. But in our country, lions are found only in the zoo.

Thehas Gamage (Grade 2)
Sussex College, Negombo

Leisure time
One morning I rode my bicycle until I was fed up and as fast as I could. In my small age when I rode my bicycle I fall down. But now I ride my bicycle in the grounds without falling from the bicycle. After riding the bicycle I went to my house to take a rest and after some time, I played with my remote car. It turns right side, left side and back or front. It goes fast. Then I took a rest and had a bath.

After bathing I went to my mini library and started to read books. I saw some books which I used to read in my small age. There were fairy tales and folktale books. But now my favourite books are about Kings in Sri Lanka and also I like books by Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton and Geronimo books. They are my favourite authors. That’s how I spend my leisure time.

Kalana Wijethunge (Grade 4)
Lyceum Int. School, Ratnapura


The birds who live in my garden
There are many birds who live in my garden. These include mynahs, doves, sparrows, parrots, humming birds, kingfishers and so on. They trust us, so they do not fear us, except for the doves that are so timid. Right now, a humming bird has built a nest and also laid an egg! Not only humming birds, but many birds and animals such as squirrels build their homes inside ours.

We have made some places, especially for the birds, so they can have the food we kept in those places. Some rare birds too can be seen in these places, eating crumbs and fruits we have kept. We also made homes for the birds using pots but unfortunately, crows pull out baby birds when they are in these pots. When we have nothing to do, we just look at these birds for a long time. They even come into our house and fly over us when we are reading. Birds are great companions at times aren’t they?

Lihini Wijesekara (Grade 8)
Lyceum Int. School, Wattala

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