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Annual English Day of St. Mary’s Convent

Annual  English Day of St. Mary’s Convent

The pre-school students of St. Mary’s Convent, Matara presented several colourful items to celebrate their annual English Day at the Primary School hall on July 29, 2017.



All tea – whether its green, black or pale white – comes from the same plant! The leaves are just put through different processes to create different types of tea. Black tea is allowed to ferment, oolong is semi-fermented and green tea is unfermented. White tea is also unfermented and comes from the same bush, [...]

Art and Craft Festival

Art and Craft Festival

Miracle Hands – Centre for Early Childhood Education in Nugegoda had its Art and Craft Festival on July 29, 2017 at its Miracle Hands 1 (MH1) facility. Pix by M. A. Pushpa Kumara

Kids Essays

My trip to the South and Upcountry I left around 3.30 p.m., on April 14 to the South with my family. We reached Kataragama at about 9.30 p.m. We stayed at my dad’s bank bungalow. The next morning, we went on a safari to Ridigama. We saw elephants, deer and buffaloes. After lunch we proceeded [...]

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