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Why this controversy over elections to PCs

While a new Constitution is on the drawing boards, a 20th Amendment to the existing (1978) Basic Law is creeping up for passage in the interim. The 20th Amendment was meant to be on Electoral reforms, but this appears to be a hurried move to offset the need to hold…



Fast fading frescoes of Degaldoruwa

Fast fading frescoes of Degaldoruwa

The tale of Prince Wessantara, whose utmost generosity led him to give away all his possessions including his two children, is one of the most popular Jataka stories.…

When a resplendent chariot of faith kindles devotion

As cries of ‘Haro Hara’ permeate the Jaffna landscape, lotus and rose petals cascade on statues of Lord Murugan also referred to as Skanda or God Shanmuhar seated…

An Irish artist in Ceylon

An Irish artist in Ceylon

I hired a palanquin carriage to convey me to my house, on the Colpetty road, five miles where I arrived nearly barefooted`; my shoes having been worn out,…

SOSL: 60 years of spreading the sound of music

SOSL: 60 years of spreading the sound of music

This year sees the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka reach its 60th year—an important milestone in the history of any institution. It is a testament to the enduring…

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Living his dream

Living his dream

For local youngsters on the hunt for a role model and to those who look to…

Dengue clean -up campaign at Hillwood College Kandy

Seoul food

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40th Death commemoration of Elvis

40th Death commemoration of Elvis

‘Elvis Week 2017’ will mark the 40th Anniversary of Elvis’s passing. This is anticipated to be…

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Kafka’s footprints in Lankan cinema

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The victory of Pigera

The victory of Pigera

This article is part of a continuing series  on Sri Lankan history King Rajasinghe decided to…

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