Us Besties Us Besties, Sineli and me Are clearly best friends Who are as happy as can be We’re a special team Of love and unity Also always with a radiant beam We share and care Us Besties, Sineli and me She’s multi-talented, for all that I could say And if I could read her [...]

Funday Times

If I was lost in the jungle


Us Besties
Us Besties, Sineli and me
Are clearly best friends
Who are as happy as can be
We’re a special team
Of love and unity
Also always with a radiant beam
We share and care
Us Besties, Sineli and me

She’s multi-talented, for all that I could say
And if I could read her mind
I think she feels the same way
About me, who is her loveliest and coolest companion
In the whole wide world

Us Besties, Sineli and me
Get along everytime
Produce togetherness
Just like twins
Not to forget happiness
That’s intense
When we are around
Cracking jokes and making funny sounds
Us Besties, Sineli and me
Will forever and ever love each other
You see
‘Cos we’re BFF’s and as happy as can be!

Binadie Rathnayake (Grade 6)
Lyceum Int. School, Nugegoda

Are Zoos a necessity?
Are zoos really a necessity?
Yes, they are because there has to be a place for the wild animals such as tigers, lions, elephants, poisonous snakes and many more.
But zoos shouldn’t be cruel to their animals, as that is animal cruelty. The Dehiwala Zoo doesn’t have much space for the animals but the animals are well fed and well taken care of.

A few months back, it was reported that animals in the Venezuelan Zoo were dying of hunger because the zoo experienced a food shortage.
In situations like that, some zoos have to close down and at times the animals are released back to the wild. It is better doing that rather than letting their animals die of hunger. Luckily that doesn’t happen here in Sri Lanka as our zoo keeps animals well fed.
There are many animals facing the threat of extinction. Even our own elephant is facing extinction. Therefore we need zoos to shelter threatened animals for the future generations.

Samadhee Wijesekera (Grade 6)
Ladies’ College

Our body
Our body is a wonderful creation of God. Nature has assigned different tasks to different body parts. We chew with our teeth, see with our eyes, hear with our ears, feel with our skin, walk with our legs and so on.

All the body parts and organs work in co-ordination with each other. If we neglect any body part, then the whole body suffers.
Inside our body there are many systems. We have a digestive system which helps us to digest all the food we eat to give us energy to work.

Our heart beats all day and all night. It beats faster when we run or walk fast. We can feel our heartbeat if we place our hand on our chest. We have a pair of kidneys. They are as important as the heart. They help to clean the blood in our body. We also have a pair of lungs which help us to breathe. We have a brain inside the head which controls all the other organs of the body.

We must take proper and good care of our body since a healthy mind can reside only in a healthy body.

Kisan Amarasinghe (8 years)
Prince of Wales College, Moratuwa

My school
My school is Najaa International School. It is and Internatinal School. Our principal’s name is Nazleen. It has classes from Grade One to Grade Ten.
It is a big school with a big garden. In the garden there are two swings and two tree-houses. We wear black socks and shoes when we go to school. There are evening classes in my school.
We learn many subjects and play games in our school. We have ten teachers in our school. We clean our classrooms before we go home. I go to school daily.
I like my school very much.

Reema Ghazni (7 years)
Najaa Int. School, Mt. Lavinia

Aunty Renu
Renuka Kumarapeli is a good friend
of my mother. She is also a good friend of mine. She and my mum worked together at Fathima Muslim Ladies’ College in Colombo 12 for more than
10 years. She is tall and slim. When I was small I went to school with my mum.
I mostly spent the time with Aunty Renu in her classes. She bought me the series of Pepper books when I was around five years. She also encouraged me to read.
Three months ago she passed away.
I was shocked and sad to hear about her death. I wanted to bid goodbye to her for the last time. But we couldn’t go for her funeral as my little brother had Dengue fever and was admitted in the hospital.
A few weeks later we visited her house at Delgoda. I couldn’t hear her voice or see her smiling face in the house. Only akki and aiya were there with some relatives.
I was only able to see Aunty Renu’s photo in a banner. I love Aunty Renu and miss her a lot.

“Your pleasant smile
And your kind words
Still remain deep in my mind
Aunty Renu I’ll forget you not
And always remember your goodness
a lot…”

Areeb Rafique (9 years)
Zahira College, Colombo 10

A scene at a railway station
“Guj, guj, gujguj,” screeched the railway as it flew past me in that evening. Have you ever seen a busy railway station? Well, I have and that experience is not very good.

It was crowded – it was totally packed with people – and I wasn’t having any fun. I was sweating a lot due to the heat and the noise was unbearable. I was really exhausted.

Slowly, I took one of my tickets and waited in a long queue to get on to the train. Just in time! The ticket inspector let me go. Wait two more minutes and the train will be gone.

When the train finally started to move people began fighting their way in. They pushed the ticket inspector and fought their way in. I didn’t even have a place to sit!

At the worst, it was very crowded, sweaty and stinky due to the sweat. I consider it an awful experience. I recommend you not to travel in trains during busy times. Try it and you’ll wish you were at home!

Akithya Rajapakshe (12 years)
Lyceum Int. School, Panadura

My favourite pizza
From an overseas reader
My favourite pizza is cheese pizza with onion.
It has a lot of cheese and a lot of spice and a little sauce on it and a lot of onion.
But I do not like the crust.

It is too crunchy and there is no flavour in it. Just a little air and a little flour and it ruins the tasty part. So I put sauce on the crust. Then it is not so bad. I like Mozarella cheese and red onion in the pizza and the spice. I eat red chillie seeds. It is tasty.
I cut the onion into circles and spread more cheese when I make my own pizza. I like large pizzas. And it should be hot and spicy.
I can eat five pizzas in a day. Sometimes I put more salt in my pizza. I eat it with extra sauce. My school chef knows the ingredients he should use for me.

Sahan Bandara (9 years)
American Int. School, Bangladesh

My pet
My pet is a cat. Its name is Garfield, Garfield likes to eat fish. It loves to play. I love my Garfield very much.

Sathsara Nimna (Grade 5)
Mahasen K.V., Dambulla

My name is Jessica. I am five years old. My mother’s name is Marina. My father’s name is Jesudasan. I live in Enderamulla. I like to eat yoghurt.

Jessica Jesudasan
(5 years)
Great Way, Enderamulla

Chocolate is a very delicious food.

It is made from cocoa butter and sugar. There are different kinds of chocolates. They are milk chocolates, dark chocolates and white chocolates. But some chocolates are made without sugar. It is popular among all countries in the world. The first chocolate was made in America. Adults and children both like to eat chocolates.
My favourite food is also chocolate.

Methupama Wijerathne (Grade 5)
Holy Cross College, Gampaha

My country
My country is Sri Lanka. It is in the Indian Ocean. It is an island. My country is very beautiful. There are many rivers, mountains, forests and waterfalls in my country. Many tourists visit my country. There are historical places.
I love my country.

Aruni Welagedara (Grade 4)
Mahasen K.V., Kulundeva

If I was lost in the jungle
It’s so creepy. It’s so dark and gloomy. It’s scary. I am lost in the middle of a jungle. How am I going to eat? How am I going to drink water? How am I going to protect myself from animals? How am I going to communicate with others? Well, I’ve got the solutions.
First, I will have fruits and berries to eat, as I am not fond of meat. I have a little drinking water with me, so it will satisfy me if I use it in a good manner. Third, defending against animals, I am lucky to have a lighter with me. I can keep piles of sticks around me and light them up. And since
I have my mobile phone, I can call a friend when
I am lonely. My walkie-talkie helped me too.
With its help I phoned the officer-in-charge of the jungle. He said that they will come tomorrow,
so I am lucky to have these supplies am I not?

Lihini Wijesekara (Grade 7)
Lyceum Int. School, Wattala

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