The Funday Times paper The Funday Times newspaper is my favourite newspaper. It comes on Sundays. It is the most important paper for children. I sent four coupons to become a member. One of my essays and drawings came in the newspaper. There are many interesting news items and many more important things in this [...]

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The Funday Times paper
The Funday Times newspaper is my favourite newspaper. It comes on Sundays. It is the most important paper for children. I sent four coupons to become a member. One of my essays and drawings came in the newspaper. There are many interesting news items and many more important things in this newspaper. There are many puzzles to solve for all the

There are many competitions to participate in and we can win many prizes too. Every Sunday I tell my father to buy the newspaper. I think all the children should read the newspaper. I like the Funday Times very much.

Reema Ghazni
(7 years)
Najaa Int. School, Mt. Lavinia

My father
My father’s name is Subash. My father works at KBSL.
He takes us for trips. Sometimes he likes to eat string-hoppers. He likes to drink fruit juice. His birthday is on October 24. He is
43 years old. He likes to swim in the swimming pool and the sea. When he was small he went to S. Thomas’ College.
He likes to sing and dance. He likes dogs very much. Sometimes he gets late from office. He helps us to do our school work. He brings us toys. He likes to work on the computer.
He loves our family and I love him too.

Serusha Wijesinghe (7 years)
Ladies’ College

My house
My house is at Mount Lavinia. My grandfather built it. My house is a three storey building.
We have five bedrooms, three bathrooms,
two dining halls, a pantry and a kitchen.
In my house there are two gardens, one at the front and one at the back. There is a park right behind our house.
We all live happily in our house.

Ahmed Infaq (Grade 3)
Zahira College, Colombo

My garden
I have a big garden. There are a variety of flowers like roses, anthuriums and much more. Every day when I go to my garden, I see plenty of flowers and trees. There is Malaysian grass too.
We plant different types of flowers.
We care about our garden. Squirrels and birds come to our garden. We water the plants daily in the morning and evening. We sweep the garden daily. We have a huge tree which is called a palm tree.
I love my garden very much.

Aamina Gaffoor (7 years)
Royal Institute Girls’ School

My favourite book
My favourite book is
‘The Famous Five’. It is a series of children’s adventure novels written by English author
Enid Blyton. There are 21 books
in this series.
The Famous Five are a group of children named Julian, Dick, Anne, George and their dog Timmy. During school holidays, when they all meet, they get caught up in adventures.
I have read ten books in this series. Every month my father buys me a book. I hope to collect all the books in the future. I love reading these stories. They are very interesting.

Zahra Roshan (12 years)
Hindu Ladies College, Colombo 6

My school
The name of my school is JMC
College International, Angoda. My school is not a big school. It has classes from LKG to Grade 11. My class is
Grade One. My school is a mixed school.
I learn English, Sinhala, French, Music, Dancing and Computing. I want to be an engineer. I love my school very much. I wish good luck to my school.

Nethul Gunathilaka (6 years)
JMC College Int., Angoda

If I turned into an animal
If I turned into an animal for a day, it would not be a four-legged one but a two-legged beautiful bird. Yes, it would definitely be the most beautiful bird in my world, a peacock.
The peacock is the most beautiful bird I have ever seen and it is a very proud bird. My mother says the peacock suits me very well because I’m also beautiful and proud. I will put up my beautiful fan and dance all over the garden, even in the rain. All the people will admire me. I will fly up into a high branch and put down my long tail and relax. Then I can take a nap. I will change that horrible peacock sound into a sweet lovely voice and sing beautiful songs. Then all the other peacocks will gather around me to see who I am.

Though I am a peacock, I will not eat worms. I will become a peacock eating fruits and be more beautiful. I will find out everything about peacocks and once I turn back into myself, I will write a book about ‘The Secrets of Peacocks’.

Shenalie Mendis (10 years)
Musaeus College

My garden
My garden is very big. In my garden there are lots of flowers. There are lots of trees. Butterflies, birds come to my garden. There is a pond in my garden. I water the plants every evening. I love my garden very much.

Amna Shamil (Grade 3)
British Int. School, Kalutara

Protect the environment
The environment is extremely important at present. Human beings and other living beings depend on a favourable environment such as water, air, soil, sunlight, trees, flowers etc. However, our environment is destroyed rapidly and endangered today due to the short-sighted human activities. Some people cut trees and destroy the forests. They build houses and buildings in forests. We should always remember to protect our nature.
It is a valuable national duty.

The next problem is garbage and polythene. People throw garbage everywhere. They burn garbage or polythene. It is not eco-friendly because it pollutes the soil, water and air. Polythene bags are a menace in
Sri Lanka. We should collect our garbage and give them to the recycling centre. It is a very useful and
eco-friendly activity. Let’s keep our environment clean and help to keep the future beautiful.

Lochana Ganegoda (Grade 9)
Ananda Sastralaya, Matugama

Importance of leisure
‘Leisure’ means free time when someone is not engaging in any work. This can be defined in many ways. Spending leisure effectively is very essential. The ways of spending leisure time is different from person to person. Some people use their leisure to learn something new.
However, leisure time must be managed properly for getting the maximum use of it. Reading, watching television, writing stories, composing songs, collecting stamps, playing various games, home gardening are some of the examples for useful leisure time activities. Leisure is very important and getting the best use of it is also more important.

Nizamdeen Fathima (14 years)
Ajmeer N. S., Ukuwela

Kandy is a large city in central Sri Lanka. It is a very famous city. Once Kandy was the capital of Sri Lanka. Kandy City has a historical and religious value. The famous Temple of the Tooth is in Kandy. It is the most sacred place of worship for Buddhists. The Esala Perahera is one of the oldest and colourful of all Buddhist festivals. There is a museum near the Dalada Maligawa. There is a famous botanical garden in Kandy. Lots of tourists come to Kandy to see the beauty of the city.

Ramal Thasith (8 years)
Wesswood Int. Boys’ College, Kandy

My hobby
Everyone of us should have a hobby. Then only we can spend our leisure in a useful manner. My hobby is gardening. It is an interesting hobby. It has many advantages. I have planted various kinds of fruits and vegetables in my garden. Some of the fruits are guava, pineapple, pomegranate, woodapple, orange and mango. Some of the vegetables are radish, tomatoes, pumpkin and cucumber, brinjals, ladies fingers. I spend three hours in my garden.

Nathali (Grade 4)
Jennings Int. College, Nainamadama

Good habits
We are different from animals because of our good habits. Good habits make us happy and healthy.
Examples of good habits are, waking up early, brushing our teeth daily, bathing properly, wearing clean dresses.
In addition, there are many other good habits such as, reading books, doing our homework, going to school regularly, greeting people, saying ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ whenever necessary, respecting teachers, helping elders and sick people.
Don’t forget, eating healthy food, drinking more water, playing outside and praying to God, makes our lives more beautiful.
As I explained here, good habits always make you happy and healthy.

Seth Fernando (Grade 2)
St. Thomas’ Catholic Int. College,

A great leader
A great leader I admire is Mahatma Gandhi. His full name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was born on October 2, 1869. He was a lawyer. He had four children. He was a leader of the Indian Independence Movement. Gandhi led India to Independence. He was called ‘Father of the Nation’.
He wore Indian dhoti and shawl. He ate vegetarian food. He was assassinated by shooting.

Methupama Wijerathne (Grade 5)
Holy Cross College, Gampaha


My pet
My pet is a rabbit. It likes to eat carrots. It likes to drink milk. My pet is white in colour. It likes to play with me. My pet is a fluffy rabbit.

T. M. N. Nivinya
Ananda Sastralaya N. S., Matugama


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