My best friend My best friend’s name is Omar. He is seven years old. He likes to eat mangoes. His father’s name is Abdur Rahman. His mother’s name is Hafsa. He likes to play run and catches. His favourite drink is orange juice. He likes to study. His favourite subject is Sinhala. His favourite sport [...]

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My best friend
My best friend’s name is Omar. He is seven years old. He likes to eat mangoes. His father’s name is Abdur Rahman. His mother’s name is Hafsa. He likes to play run and catches.
His favourite drink is orange juice.
He likes to study. His favourite subject is Sinhala. His favourite sport is football. His favourite food is rice.
He likes to drink milk.
He goes to Amal International School. He is in Grade Three.
He likes to write. He is a very good boy. He likes to go to school.
He has one sister and three brothers. He lives in Colombo. His favourite country is India. He likes to read storybooks. His favourite toy is a car. He likes to eat sweets. He has two pets. He has two bicycles. He has many friends. I love my best friend.

Luqman Hanzala (7 years)
Amal Int. School 

My pet
My pet is a dog. Its name is Browny. It can run very fast. It is brown in colour. Browny likes to eat meat. It has lots of fur.
Browny is a very helpful dog. Browny comes near my school van when I am going to school. It is a very friendly dog. I love my dog very much.

Ovina Samarathunga

The Moon
As I rise up when the golden sun full of light
begins its descent for the night
the clouds start to make way for me,
as I’m the magnificent moon, you see -
Bright and beautiful all the time,
I listen to the nightly cries.

The wolf in the meadow accompanies me;
He howls beneath the willow tree.
The waves in the sea glisten like the sky,
Its tranquil dance is controlled by I.
At night you people go to rest -
Yet little you know what happens outside your nests.

The stars and I snuggle safe and sound,
yet shine behind the cozy clouds.
The bat, the badger and caracal
listen to the cricket’s musical.

Near the river or by the campfire,
I tell my stories of love, happiness and desire.
Or near your window looking at you deep,
When you’re giving me a peep,
Or falling asleep.

Misha Miskin (12 years)
Horizon College Int., Malabe

My name is Sinelya. I am in Grade Two. My hobby is playing. My mother is Amaya. My father is Priyantha. I love my mother and father. I have a sister too. My sister’s name is Sinali. My favourite fruit is rambutan.
My favourite vegetable is mushrooms.
I like to study well and be a doctor
one day.

Sinelya Bethmage (Grade 2)
Musaeus College

My cat’s trip to the doctor
It was a rainy afternoon when it was time to take my cat to the doctor. My father carried my cat and put her in the cat basket. We took her to the doctor and the doctor’s assistant held her tight. It was time for an injection, so the assistant held her more tightly.
My cat screamed when they gave the injection!

The doctor gave some medicine. We took some cat food and mixed in the medicine. After sometime we kept her outside because she wanted to. Our cat came inside from the bathroom door!

Isuri Ranawana (9 years)
British School in Colombo

Preventing violence against women
Preventing violence towards  women can be done in several ways. One, access can be grated to women for legal representation and numerous opportunities to pursue justice against violence directed towards them.  Another way is to reverse all marriage laws that are one-sided or are biased against women, such as those that deny women custody of their children and stop them from inheriting land or property in the cases of divorce, separation and death.

One must bring greater attention to violence and one must put a stop to extremely early marriages and premature pregnancies for these often lead to women not being able to cope with these new responsibilities and their husbands, in turn, think that it is an act of defiance on their part and they think that beating them and abusing them will make them more obedient.

One in three women suffer from sexual abuse and domestic violence during their lifetime. Education can be provided to people to raise awareness on violence towards women. A survey has shown that violence against women has a higher prevalence among the lower income earning and less educated people. There should also be limitations to the amount of alcohol and heroin substance intake.
Everyone should be aware of the problem of violence against women and should take steps to prevent it.

Zeenath Rameez
Ilma Int. Girls’ School

Water- waste not, want not

If a question is raised whether we can live without water for a day, the answer is ‘No.’ Earth is called the Blue Planet because 3/4 of its
surface is covered by water.  This acknowledges that water is an essential need for the existence of man. One glass of pure water is the best solution to quench your thirst. Water helps to maintain our hygiene at a positive level. It helps to continue the photosynthesis process of plants. Water helps in washing clothes, cars, dishes and many more.

Water provides a living environment for numerous aquatic flora and fauna. It too helps to regulate our body temperature. It helps to give nutrition to the soil and facilitate agriculture. The uses of water cannot be expressed in words. Although we have 75% water on Earth, only 1% is suitable for consumption. The main reason for this disaster is man and his cruel works. There is a lot of factory run off and city waste such as harmful chemicals, dyes and e-waste.

These are diverted into small streams which later gets collected with a large river making water unsuitable for consumption. Much household waste is also thrown into water bodies.
The great King Parakramabahu I said, “not a single drop of rain should reach the sea without man making use of it.” We must use the minimum amount of water by taking maximum benefits of it. March 22 has been named as World Water Day to raise awareness among people to protect water. ‘Wastewater’ is the theme for 2017 World Water Day. So let’s cultivate good habits and take measures to safeguard water resources for our future generations.

Savindu Herat (15 years)
Royal Int. School, Kurunegala

Monthly tests, semesters, what are they? They are types of exams you have almost every month at school. When an exam is nearby, you grab your book, take on notes and study hard. Then after the exam, you forget them. Again in another exam, you study and later forget.
No, what you studied should be in your brain forever.  You must not forget it. Forgetting them makes it hard for you to study for your term tests. Therefore, the things you study should be memorized very well.

An exam is held for you to test your brainpower. Some children take it as a boring thing to do.  But you see, the ones who passed in all their exams are now great people. So writing exams is a great benefit for us, especially for the future. So we should try our best to pass every exam we face.

Lihini Wijesekara (Grade 7)
Lyceum Int. School, Wattala

My pet cat
My cat’s name is Pickle.  She is a female cat. She came from Udawathakale. She is sometimes scared of me and runs away. When she is running she hurts herself because she knocks on beds, chairs and shoes but she doesn’t feel it. But now it’s sad to say that she is going to be big and big so she is looking for a male cat. So my sister and I are sad. Our mother said to us that she is no more going to grow up. But then I know it is nature.

Janeesh Damunupola (7 years)
C.I.S., Kandy

The hot day
Hot! Hot!
It’s a very hot day,
It’s so hot today
That nobody can stay
They have to put the fan
Once, twice and thrice.
Hot! Hot!
It’s a very hot day.
Tariq Bazeer (13 years)

My best friend
My best friend is Sadali. She is nine years old. She likes mango. Her father’s name is Neil. Her mother’s name is Manjula. Her favourite colour is pink.

Thanusha Munasingha
Meegama K.V.

Importance of doing sports
Doing sports is a popular pastime among children. We must be aware of the advantages which can be gained by doing sports.
Doing sports helps us to be healthy. If we do not spend the energy of the body we will be sick. If we are overweight it is not good for our health. It leads to high blood pressure and causes heart diseases.

Accepting both victory and defeat is another advantage which we can gain by doing sports. It is a good quality that children must have. As children it is very necessary to take correct decisions at the right time. We can achieve that ability by doing sports.

Doing sports promotes leadership qualities. It helps to plan and organize things in the school. It will be a development in our lives. If we do sports daily, it reduces our mental stress. So it helps to develop a healthy mind. It leads to do work properly, obeying rules and regulations. I think doing sports is very important for both young and old.

Ravisha Ranasinghe (Grade 10)Taxila C.C., Horana

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