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Bold and unique theatre experience

Bold and unique  theatre experience

It looks like the rains are going to continue throughout this week as CentreStage Productions, forecast ‘Stormy Weather’, in Colombo. At the Lionel Wendt theatre, to be precise, from March 24 -26. Written and directed by Jehan Aloysius, ‘Stormy Weather’ is set in the late 1940’s. It revolves around the murder of Noel Richards and [...]

Elizabeth Moir sets ‘Rumors’ in motion

Elizabeth  Moir sets ‘Rumors’ in motion

The Elizabeth Moir School, is setting the stage for their latest production, ‘Rumors’, a farcical play written by Neil Simon, which will be showcased at the Lionel Wendt on March 29 (Wednesday). The play is presented in two acts. The scene opens up with a dinner party and builds-up into a series of rumours, with [...]

Ed Sheeran retains No 1 spot

Ed Sheeran retains No 1 spot

It is an unprecedented for the UK singles top ten chart as Ed Sheeran has secured nine out of the top 10 hits. As the 25 year old ginger haired singer keeps the No: 1 song ‘Shape Of You’ for a ninth week, the release of his new album ‘÷’ unleashed all the songs with [...]

Blissful getaway in Kandy

Blissful getaway in Kandy

The smell of the Sappu flower (Champak) is the first to greet you at the door. A fresh towel to wipe your face, and a refreshing wood apple juice later, you’re led to a comfortable bedroom. Sometimes an escape from the city’s hustle and into the surroundings of nature seems inviting. It’s a thirty minute [...]

Shehan set to release new music this year

Shehan set to release new music this year

Coming from a musical family, where his mother and grandmother played piano and his father  played oriental violin, the script was already straightforward. Music would be instilled into his being at  an early age for Shehan Somarathne (30). The passion was a hidden unknown, but through careful guidance by one of the most prominent influences [...]

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