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Disaster Prevention

Did Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, now Dr. Ranil Wickremesinghe, overreact in asking the Cabinet to declare a State of Emergency and to call out the troops to meet the challenge of an impending drought? Or has the rest of the Government disregarded the ground realities of what has been termed the worst spell of dry [...]

Medical misadventures

The issue of a private Medical College refuses to go away. It seems the flavour of at least the week gone by after undergraduates marched the streets facing police water-cannon. The Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) is due to go to a superior court, the medical trade union (GMOA- Government Medical Officers’ Association) is howling [...]

Independence or debt-dependence

As the Jayamangala Gaatha and Sri Lanka Maatha in both Sinhala and Tamil were sung, the spit and polish of the military parade, parachute jumps, the fly-pasts and fireworks display celebrating the 69th anniversary of Sri Lanka’s Independence concluded, it is time to sober up and face up to the realities facing this country’s seventh [...]

Freedom tarnished by corrupt politicians

Next weekend, Sri Lanka marks its 69th anniversary of Independence. There is, no doubt, much to celebrate, none more significant than the fact that the citizenry are a free people, and masters of their own destiny. Many still say that Sri Lanka’s freedom was achieved without a struggle; that it was a by-product of India’s [...]

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