Good behaviour Good behaviour is very important. Like my mother always says, “We should never talk back to elders especially in front of kids, because they do what we so”. Everyone should use polite speech and not razor sharp words that come from your tongue. We should speak properly and have good manners. We also [...]

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Good behaviour
Good behaviour is very important. Like my mother always says, “We should never talk back to elders especially in front of kids, because they do what we so”. Everyone should use polite speech and not razor sharp words that come from your tongue. We should speak properly and have good manners. We also should be obedient and have a good relationship with people we should be patient and not interrupt elders while they are talking.
As my brother always says, “We are nothing without good behaviour but good clothing is important too!” We should be a good example mainly to the little ones. We gain merits when we behave well. I repeat again, good behaviour is very important.

Zahrah Jouzi (Grade 7)
Hejaaz Int. Girls’ School

How I spent my school vacation
We didn’t go anywhere but I enjoyed my vacation by studying. My Christmas gift was my little Nala, my cat. She had two cute little babies on Christmas day.
I spent my vacation studying because my class teacher said that my handwriting was not good. So in the end my handwriting became perfect. At last my parents decided to take my brother and me to watch a film because we worked hard. I know that I’m going to have more marks than I had before. And that’s how I spent my vacation.

Jithmi M. Arachchige (Grade 4)
Sujatha Vidyalaya, Nugegoda

My trip to Australia
During the December holidays,
I went to Australia with my family.
We went on an Emirates flight.
We had tasty food on the flight.
We landed in Australia at 10.30 a.m. We went to our Nandi’s house. I played with my cousins. I had lovely food at my Nandi’s house.
We went to many places such
as the Sydney Opera House, Blue Mountains, Taronga Zoo and Foster. The Jenolan Caves tour impressed me a lot.
We went to Melbourne by train.
It took 12 hours. I enjoyed the long train journey. In Melbourne I went to the city. We went to Canberra. It is known as the capital of Australia. We went to the Parliament Houses, Telstra Towers and the War Memorial.
On December 31 we came back to Sri Lanka. I enjoyed my trip to Australia. This was the best trip I ever had.

Senuka Nagodavithana (Grade 6)
S. Thomas’ Preparatory School

My little brother
He wakes up early morning
And tries to wake me too
He thinks it’s fun to hit me
Which makes me angry too

He can be quite an angel
When he sleeps at night
But he’s a real devil
At times he gets into a fight

He gets me into trouble
By telling naughty lies
But he shares his things with me
So he can be good

Of course he is a nuisance
He really annoys me too
But as he is my
little brother
I really love him too

Dulandee Handapangoda (Grade 8)
Visakha Vidyalaya,
Colombo 5

My favourite newspaper
My best newspaper is the Funday Times.
It has many young readers of course I am one of them.
It comes free with the Sunday Times newspaper. I always wait impatiently for the paper boy to deliver it every Sunday morning. There are many thrilling sections such as news, essays, art, cartoons, competitions and many other activities. My favourite section is the
Art Corner.
I love the Funday Times because of its colourful and exciting pages.

Kadeejah Reza (11 years)
Seylan School, Colombo

Our year-end family trip
Every year, we go to Katharagama to get the blessings of the god. This year too as usual we went to Katharagama but on the way we visited some other places too.
Our first visit was to Bopath Ella. Bopath Ella is situated in Ratnapura and it is shaped like a Bo leaf. It was a very spectacular sight. The next place we visited was the Adisham Bungalow. It had been a monastery run by the Benedictine monks. It was a very beautiful place filled with flowers. The view of the mountains from there was very fascinating.

In the evening we went to Katharagama and performed our rituals. The next day we went to the new Safari Zoo near Hambantota. It is a zoo where the animals roan freely in the environment while we are caged in a bus.
Then we went to the Hot Water Springs. There we had a heavenly bath of hot water.
Next we thought of going to the NLDB dairy farm. In the farm we had pleasant and unpleasant experiences.
Then we headed home. I was very tired and I fell asleep in the car without knowing. It was the most memorable trip I’ve ever had.

Sinali Bethmage (10 years)
Musaeus College

The event that impressed me most
April 21 is a very special day. Actually it is very special for the British not for Sri Lankans. It is the birthday of the British Queen Elizabeth. Though I am a Sri Lankan I have a special interest towards royal families. So I sent my wishes to the Queen on her 90th birthday. Normally I do correspond with pen-pals as a hobby, so I thought of writing to a royal and sent my wishes to the Queen.

I was not expecting a reply, but unexpectedly after some weeks, I got a very surprising letter. It was November 22, when I was getting ready for my third term exam.
My father told me that there was a letter for me and it was an air-mail. So I thought it was from a pen-pal, but to everyone’s amazement it was a royal mail; a note and a card with a photograph of Queen Elizabeth thanking me for my wishes. I couldn’t believe it, but it is the truth.

I shared my happiness and surprise with my parents first and then with my classmates. They too were all surprised but all of them were pleased to see it. They forced me to tell our teachers about this. So I showed it to them too. They admired my work.
I will always remember this and treasure it because it is a royal letter.

Hamna Mohamed (14 years)
Sacred Heart Convent, Galle

My pet
My pet is a cat.
Its name is Kitty.
Kitty is black in colour. Kitty loves to eat fish.
Kitty loves to drink milk.

Abhilash Karunanayake  (7 years)
Richmond College, Galle

Our country
We are Sri Lankans. We live in
Sri Lanka. Our country is an island in the Indian Ocean. An island is a place that is surrounded by water on all sides. Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is the official capital city of our country. Our country is popularly known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean.’
Our history dates back to thousands of years. We have a
rich cultural and religious history.
We all live peacefully together in
Sri Lanka. The two main communities here are Sinhalese and Tamils. Sinhala, Tamil and English are the main languages spoken in our country. We should respect our country.

Madawan Brindayini (10 years)
Rathnaloka M.V.

My class teacher
My class teacher’s name is Ms. Shashi Harshani. She’s very kind to us. In her face always there’s a smile. My class teacher is very fair. She has long hair, but it’s not very long. She wears nice coloured saris. She comes to school early in the morning. She teaches us English and E.N.V. She teaches us very well. I am very happy about her. I like her very much.

Kalana Wijethunge (Grade 3)
Lyceum Int. School, Ratnapura

My best friend
My best friend is Dinithi Vihara. She has five members in her family. We play together and we eat together. She likes to eat fruits. She likes to drink fruit juice. The members of her family are her elder sister, younger sister, mum, grandmother and my best friend. She has two pets.  They are Bunny and Row. I love my best friend.

Valentina Dewmini (Grade 4)
Jennings Int. College,

My favourite animal
My favourite animal is the giraffe.
I like giraffes the most because they are very innocent and very beautiful animals. Giraffe is the tallest animal in the world. They belong to the horse family and live in groups. They are mammals and are herbivorous. Giraffe has a long neck and special pattern of light brown and white spots. A baby giraffe is light brown in colour at birth.

Giraffes walk and gallop like horses. They hear and see very well. Their eyes are on both sides of the head. It helps them to see what is happening all around them. They have large pointed ears and can turn their ears to any direction.

Giraffes are fast runners. They can run about 30 miles per hour. They run from side to side to protect from animals who hunt them. They sleep while standing and bray when they are in danger to warn other giraffes. The leader of the herd of giraffes stays at the back of the group.

Today, giraffes have lost many of their lands and are in danger, because of humans. Humans have destroyed many of the lands to build houses and to cultivate. Many governments have built national parks to protect giraffes but we all have to stop doing things that harm animals like my favourite animal, the giraffe.

Rawindra Tennakoon (11 years)
Sri Sumangala N.C., Nildandahinna

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