A picnic I enjoyed One Saturday morning, my father told my mother and me to get ready to go somewhere. Within seconds we were on our way. I begged my father, asking where we were going and finally he said we were going to see Pahiyangala cave where our ancestors lived. To get to Pahiyangala [...]

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A picnic I enjoyed
One Saturday morning, my father told my mother and me to get ready to go somewhere. Within seconds we were on our way. I begged my father, asking where we were going and finally he said we were going to see Pahiyangala cave where our ancestors lived.

To get to Pahiyangala cave, we had to climb so many steps. We looked at everything inside the cave and the surroundings and came down. We were exhausted. My father was looking for a place to park and have our lunch and finally he found a kamatha in a paddyfield. There was a nice little hut under a huge Jak tree and next to it was a little well spilling with water. We washed ourselves and ate the rice my mother had cooked, with dhal and fried dry fish. It was the tastiest meal I ever had.
My father took a nap inside the mud hut and I started to play ball. After sometime, both my mother and father joined me and we played enjoyable ball games.
It was time to leave and I bid farewell to that nice kamatha. After I got into the car, I slept like a log. That was the most enjoyable picnic I ever had.

Shenalie Mendis (9 years)
Musaeus College


Our annual concert
Our concert was held on October 28, 2016. It was at the Kulasiri Budawatta Auditorium, Maharagama. We named our concert, “Enchanting Echoes”. Our chief guest was the famous artiste, Mr. Jananath Warakagoda. Our guests of honour were Mr. Priyantha Wijesinghe (Director Public Relations – Sirasa TV) and Mr. Nihal Perera (Master-in-charge of Dancing, Thurstan College, Colombo). Master Kusal Weeramantri the JMCian artiste was our special guest.
There were many items in our concert.

I participated in the Arabic dance and the Latin dance. My favourite item was the Grade 2 children’s ‘Hanuma Wannama’. They performed well. It was fun to see the Sinhala drama, ‘Eekarage Vikaraya’. The parents watched the items happily. Lastly there was the teacher’s item. They sang and performed songs of stage dramas.
We are very proud of all our JMC students and teachers. We thank our principal, deputy principal, assistant principal and all our teachers for organizing this event in a grand manner.

Dimuthu Mihiranga (Grade 5)
JMC College, Maharagama

Coconut tree
The coconut tree is a very useful tree.
Each and every part of the coconut tree is very useful to humans. The coconut tree belongs to the Palm family. It is about 15 – 20 feet high and has a lifespan of about 100 years. The plant grows from the fruit.

The oil and milk taken from it are commonly used in cooking as well as in cosmetic items. The trunk is used for wood. The husks and leaves are used as material to make a variety of products. Spoons and ornaments are made from the coconut shell. Coconut water is used to make vinegar.
The tree grows best in warm climates and salty coastal areas. Coconut and coconut products are exported. The coconut has a cultural and religious significance among societies.
Sri Lanka is very fortunate that the coconut tree is native to the island.

Rahma Rushdie (Grade 3)
St. Paul’s Girls’ School, Milagiriya

Auditorium burnt
Oh, such sadness
To our school
The flames of the fire
Didn’t leave anything cool

Our school’s best
Our school’s pride too
Oh, the fire in the
What will we do?

The heaps of ashes
The cushions burnt
An unexpected fire
Tears rolling down Musaeuites eyes

Dinithi Karunaratna
(Grade 5)
Musaeus College

Think before you leap
Everybody has to face a situation in their lives where they regret having done something which they should not have done. By the time they realize what they did was wrong, it might be too late.

I too had to face such a situation where I regretted doing something even after being warned by my parents.
It happened when I was in Grade Ten.

My school had organized an educational excursion to Kandy. We were all so excited and happy. We were to go on Friday, October 3 which was just one week away. My friends started planning about what to bring and even where to sit in the bus. As the days passed by all of us got more and more excited.

Thursday finally arrived. When I reached home after school it started to rain heavily. I just love to get wet in the rain but I get the wheeze when I do so. When I saw the raindrops, I simply couldn’t resist running out and getting wet. But my parents warned me that I had to go on the trip the next day. But the rain was too tempting for me to listen
to my parents. That night I got a bad headache and cold. I couldn’t sleep and was coughing all the time.
The next morning I had to go to the doctor and I had no chance of going on the trip. I regretted not listening to my parents. But it was too late.

Aaysha Aiyoob
Hejaaz Int. School

My loving sister
I have a sweet sister. Her name is
Sandew Mahawatta. She is 10 years old.
My sister goes to Lyceum International School, Ratnapura. She is a talented girl.
She studies well at school and home.
My sister can sing well. She is a member of our school senior choir. My sister is a very good speaker. She is very beautiful. She won the ‘Avurudu Kumari’ crown twice. I’m sure she will be a professional in future.
May the Triple Gem bless her.

Sandasi Mahawatta (Grade 3)
Lyceum Int. School, Ratnapura


Transportation then and now
Transportation is an essential need of humans. Long ago people walked to fulfill their needs. After that they started to use the help of animals to fulfill their needs. They got the help of animals like horses, elephants etc. With the development of human knowledge, they were able to introduce the wheel to the world. By using the wheel people started to produce simple vehicles like carts to the world.

With the development of technology and thinking power of the humans they started to produce amazing modes of transportation which are controlled mechanically by fuel. Cars, vans, lorries were introduced to the world as a result.
Moreover they didn’t stop their creativity with these inventions. They started to develop them and as a result vehicles like monorail, electric trains were introduced. Today hybrid vehicles have been introduced.
Today people can move to their needed places within a few minutes. Furthermore today people can move to another country within a few hours. In the past it took many months to reach another country and it was very tiring.
Now people can make their lives better by saving time and doing the work systematically with the development of transportation.

Piumi Sandalika (15 years)
Holy Angels Girls’ College, Kuliyapitiya


True meaning of Christmas

Christmas highlights the celebration of Jesus’ birthday on December 25. It relates to the Nativity of Jesus. Christmas is the time of snowing, melody of carols and also Santa’s presence. Simply, Christmas is the time of everything.

The story begins with the Annunciation of Mother Mary. Mary bore Jesus in her womb and gave birth to him on December 25. On this special day shepherds who were guarding their sheep came to see Baby Jesus. Three wise men spotting the bright star also came to worship Baby Jesus. This special day is called Christmas. Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25.

Children eagerly await Christmas because they love to unwrap Santa’s gifts. On Christmas Day they wake early in the morning. Christmas carols lighten the season along with church bells. Christmas can be a time of God showing great love to mankind.

The true meaning of Christmas is not the extravagant gifts, beautiful decorations or lavish food, it is the knowledge that God loves His creation. It is the knowledge of the Almighty becoming human, born in a humble manger and His ultimate sacrifice for the salvation of mankind. The story of Jesus is poverty and there is no need for Sri Lankans, both Christians and non-Christians to splurge and spend extra to celebrate Christmas.

Goodwill begins in the heart and Christians share what they have and wish others “A happy and contented Christmas!”

Savindu Herat (Grade 10)
Royal Int. School, Kurunegala

My favourite storybook
My favourite story book is ‘Matilda.’ It was written by a well-known writer Roald Dahl.

This book is about a girl called Matilda, who has an extraordinary, genius brain. But her parents Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood don’t care about their daughter’s potential. They treat her as a scab.

We all know that all the things are not negative in this world so in this story there is a person who notices this girl’s talents. She is Miss. Honey. She is the teacher of Matilda in her school.

I love this book because while I’m reading to the depth I always feel the story gets more interesting and funny. I have read this book more than five times. I never feel it is boring.
You better read this book and see what happens at last – how Matilda owns the wonderful life she dreamed of. I’m sure you may also feel like reading it again and again.

Sithmini Sirithunga (12 years)
Sacred Heart Convent, Galle


 Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is a great writer and a novelist. He was born on February 7, 1812 in England. He was the second child in his family. They were very poor. So his father borrowed money and he could not pay it back.

When Charles was twelve, his father was thrown into prison. Then Charles stopped going to school and went to work in a warehouse.
When he was twenty he began to work as a reporter. He reported law cases and parliamentary debates.
The most appreciated novels of Charles Dickens are ‘Oliver Twist’, ‘David Copperfield’ and ‘Tale of Two Cities’. He died when he was 58 years.

Kalani Purnima (Grade 8)
Sussex College, Ampara

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