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Friends Forever

Friends Forever

By Rossana Favero-Karunaratna What is a mongoose? It sounds like a Chinese goose or even a mango mousse! I am a mongoose, an animal with a pointy head and curious eyes. Sometimes you see me crossing dusty roads. I will tell you the story of how I met Kumar. One day I found a hollow [...]

Rhythm of Keble, the annual concert of Keble College was held on December 6, 2016  at the National Youth Centre, Maharagama Pix. by Anuradha Bandara

Kids Essays

A picnic I enjoyed One Saturday morning, my father told my mother and me to get ready to go somewhere. Within seconds we were on our way. I begged my father, asking where we were going and finally he said we were going to see Pahiyangala cave where our ancestors lived. To get to Pahiyangala [...]

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