Healthy food vs. Junk food Snacks of low nutritional value can be called as junk food. A human being has three basic needs and food is one of them. Healthy food and junk food are two types of food. Almost all the kids prefer to eat junk food rather than eating healthy vegetables and greens. [...]

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Healthy food vs. Junk food

Snacks of low nutritional value can be called as junk food. A human being has three basic needs and food is one of them. Healthy food and junk food are two types of food.
Almost all the kids prefer to eat junk food rather than eating healthy vegetables and greens. By eating healthy food you become pretty, your eyesight develops, you become strong and you won’t be a victim of many diseases.
On the other hand what does junk food give you? Apparently nothing! We all eat it because it tastes better than all those vegetables.
The occurrence of diseases such as cancer and diabetes is also because of the extra intake of junk food. Eating junk food limitedly like once a month is not too bad for the health. It is our freedom of choice to pick what we eat. So do you think healthy food or junk food is better? Remember to choose wisely.

Sanandhi Hikkaduwage
(13 years)
Musaeus College

My best friend
My best friend is Kisholini. She is eight years old. She lives in Havelock Town. She likes to drink orange juice. She likes to eat pasta. She likes to read books.
We play together in the interval. We have been together since Lower Nursery. Her favourite subject is Maths. She is good in Science too. She has four members in her family. She has one sister.
Kisholini is very helpful. She has short hair and she is dark in complexion. She is thin and tall. She wears a ponytail to school. She is a Hindu. Her ambition is to be a doctor. Her favourite cartoon is Barbie and the Charm School. She has a pet rabbit.
I like Kisholini very much.

Aamina Gaffoor (7 years)
Royal Institute Girls’ School

A visit to my hometown
During my holidays, I went to my hometown, Kandy. I met my cousins and played with them. First we played with the chicks. Then I untied the goat and played with it, the goat ran away and my cousins caught it. After that we went to the mosque to pray.
We climbed trees and picked fruits.
At night, we told stories. We ate homegrown foods like manioc, jak and banana. It’s so much better in Kandy. The weather is so much cooler than Colombo.
We played hide and seek in our backyard. We spent three days filled with enjoyment. All of a sudden my father said that it was time to go. I felt so sad. I hated to go back to my small house in Colombo leaving all the space and freedom in my hometown.

Luqman Akram
(Grade 6)
Hejaaz Int. School, Mt. Lavinia

A rainy day
A rainy day is a fun day.
I like to splash water everywhere. I like to jump in the puddles. It is a fun activity. I like to trample the water.
People are taking umbrellas. Children also wear raincoats and carry small baby umbrellas. People and children get sick when they play in the water so we must not get wet.
There is a poem about the
rain which I like,


Rain, rain go away
Come again another day
Don’t come when I want to play
Rain, rain go away.

Sherandhi Fernando
(10 years)
Bishop’s College


The Human – Elephant Conflict
The human-elephant conflict mean the human-elephant problem. The human-elephant conflict is a major problem. Sometimes people don’t get along with elephants and elephants don’t get along with humans.

Elephants are majestic animals. They are big in size and very proud. Mostly elephants break into villages in search of food and water which makes us humans scared. We think they try to harm us for no reason. It maybe that people have built villages in places that the elephants used to get food and water which makes them break into the villages unknowingly for food and water. We then try to kill them because we are scared. Or we kill them for tusks, bones or leather. Some elephants escape and run away. But they remember what happened to them and come back to destroy crops, fields and plants.

We humans should know not to cut down trees and litter and destroy their habitat. Recent findings have shown that an elephant has had polythene bags in its stomach and died. Shooting of elephants for their tusks and bones is illegal but still people lay traps for them or shoot them. It is because of this that this wonderful animal has become one of the world’s most endangered animals.
So let’s try and protect these animals to keep them from extinction.

Shanen De Silva (Grade 5)
S. Thomas’ Preparatory School, Colombo 3

How to become successful

Becoming a successful person is a hard task for all of us. If we want to be a famous and successful person we must work hard.
We should be people with good education and good moral values. The important thing in that we should have a good goal in our life. We all know that the successful people in the world face many difficulties. But they didn’t stop in front of them. They challenge for their challenges and won their life. Like that we also should not stop in front of challenges. But we should face them more effectively.
The other thing is that we should develop our mental, physical and social well-being. Then only we can be a successful person in future. We must look up without looking down if we want to see the rainbow. Lastly, I would like to invite you all to become a successful person in your life.

Piumi Sandalika (15 years)
Holy Angels Girls’ College, Kuliyapitiya


My favourite game

There are many games in the world.
We can divide them into two parts. They are indoor and outdoor games. Among them I selected badminton as my favourite game.
It is an interesting game.Badminton is a very world famous game. There should be two players to play. There are many rules and regulations in the game.
I like the game very much.

Dinu Dissanayake (Grade 5)
Viharamaha Devi Girls’ College, Kandy


My class teacher
When she comes into the class every morning, I feel just like a dream. Our god has given many types of gifts but one of those gifts is my teacher. She’s my second mother. Her name is Mrs. Doreen Bastian. She is kind and sweet as one might wish to be. She’s patient and loving as one might wish to be. She’s precious than a diamond as anybody will agree. She’s very good and is always well dressed. She teaches us English. She makes the learning process very interesting as well as creative.
She treats students like her friends, understands them and solves their problems in the best possible and easiest way. All the students like her and never miss her class. Students often go to her for advice and guidance.

I love my class teacher very much and will always remember her.

Ashini Wijesekara (Grade 5)
Hill Country Int. School, Kandy


My hobby

My hobby is bird watching. It is an interesting hobby. There is a big garden near my house. Many birds and insects come to my garden. Some birds that come are parrots, pigeons, robins and eagles. Butterflies and bees also visit it. Most of them come here in search of food, water and shelter. There is a small pond in my garden. When I am getting ready to go to school, I can hear the sounds of the birds. I love my hobby very much.

M. A. S. Ameena (Grade 4)
Unique Int. School, Rambukpitiya


Farming in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been an agricultural country from ancient times. Sri Lankan farmers grow paddy and other grains such as kurakkan, green gram, corn etc. Paddy is the most commonly grown grain in our country. Rice is our staple food.

There were no machines or chemical fertilizers in the past. The farmers helped each other. This was called ‘aththam’ or giving a hand. The paddyfield was ploughed with the help of buffaloes. Buffalo driven ploughs are seen today in rural areas.

Harvesting paddy was an important event in the village. In the past even the kings participated in the ploughing ceremony called ‘Vap Magul.’

Thiwanka Rukshan (14 years)
Sussex College, Ampara


My best friend

My best friend is Ishini. She is very beautiful. We both are studying in Grade 2 at Hillwood College Kandy. I like her qualities. She is a talented girl.

Kavitha (Grade 2)
Hillwood College, Kandy


A trip to Pahiyangala

It was a full moon Poya day. We got up early and did our daily chores quickly and got ready. Soon the van came and with all our stuff, we got into the van. Our family, uncle, aunt and two sisters joined this trip. While going, we sang and clapped for songs.

Soon we came to Pahiyangala. We got out from the van and started climbing the rock. While climbing we took photos of us and nature. After going up the rock we worshipped and chanted gathas to Buddha. Then we climbed down a pit to see ancestors’ bones.

At that moment it started to rain. So we went inside the rock and climbed down again. We thought it was still raining so we went inside the rock. But it wasn’t raining. It was the water falling from the rock. On the way we ate ‘rotti’. It was made on the stone. It was very tasty. After that we went to ‘Nadun viharaya,’ in Kiriella. There we saw the tusk of Asia’s biggest elephant. It’s height is 7’7”.
I enjoyed this educational trip very much.

Sadeesa Wijethunga (Grade 6)
Lyceum Int. School, Ratnapura

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