Serves me right! It was a bright Sunday morning. The bright day boosted my energy. So instead of lazing on the bed, I got up energetically and decided to finish all my chores for the day. First I had to wash the clothes – a huge pile of my clothes that badly needed washing. As [...]

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Serves me right!
It was a bright Sunday morning. The bright day boosted my energy.
So instead of lazing on the bed, I got up energetically and decided to finish all my chores for the day.
First I had to wash the clothes – a huge pile of my clothes that badly needed washing. As instructed by my mother, I tossed them into the washing machine. My mother reminded me to put the washing out to dry.

The sky started changing colour. My mother was sure that there would be a downpour. So she suggested that I hand the clothes on the clothesline in the room upstairs.
“What! Carry that huge bucket all the way upstairs and hang them there? Not I” I thought to myself.
Due to my laziness I hung them out in the backyard thinking that I would collect them immediately it started to rain.

Just then my sister wanted me to go to the hairdresser with her.
I obliged. Meanwhile, the downpour began. It rained quite a lot and all my clothes were drenched. My mother who had assumed that the clothes were drying safely upstairs, hadn’t even bothered to stop her sewing and go see to them.
‘Served me right’ for not listening to good advice!

Fahima Shahjehan (Grade 11)
Hejaaz Int. School, Dehiwala


I am Delini Perera.
I am six years old. I attend Musaeus College. I am in Grade 1K.
I am a good girl.

Delini Perera (6 years)
Musaeus College


When my English aunt came to Sri Lanka
I was at school when my aunty arrived so I could not meet her at the airport. I was watching television when I heard a van outside. I knew it was her. I was very excited to meet her and I carried her bag into the house. My mummy made cutlets and other delicious food for her. She was very nice and kind to us and gave us some presents.
While she was here we went to Wilpattu Park for a safari, Sigiriya, Kalutara, Duwili Ella and many other places. We went to my granny’s house in Weligama. It is a very long way away. We travelled in a big van. Eventually we got there and I was happy to see my two cousins. We went for a sea bath and drank from coconuts on the beach.
I couldn’t go for all the trips because I was having exams but that was ok because my aunt was here to see my granddaddy from the UK. My daddy went with her to the airport to see her off. I was sad to see her go.

Vihanga Hasarinda (13 years)
Piliyandala C.C.

My grandfather
The best grandfather ever
Well he is now away
Away from me.

God saw an empty place
And looked for a suitable person
My grandfather was the one.

There lies the house he lived in
The house without its master
Dark and quiet, waiting for him.

As I look at the house
Like a nest without the bird
So lonely, so quiet

I always wonder where
he could be
Somewhere, someplace
Away from me.

Amali Kodikara (Grade 7)
Lyceum Int. School, Nugegoda

My pet
My pet’s name is Podi. She is a cat.
She is very cute. She is white in colour. She likes to eat fish mixed with rice.
In the morning when I get up I give her some milk. She likes to sleep cuddled up next to my grandma. Podi’s mother has three new kittens as cute as Podi.
Podi likes to play with me. She looks very sweet when she runs after
butterflies. I love Podi and she loves me.

Theruni Abeysinghe (Grade 2)
Bishop’s College

My first visit to the zoo
One day, my mother and a few of my aunties, planned to go on a trip to the zoo. The day we planned to go was August 29, at about 3.30 p.m. My mother and I left home and picked up an aunty and then bought some things to eat. After that we went to another aunt’s place and from there we travelled by car. We had to sit on laps.

We went to the zoo and bought tickets and went inside. We first went to the Aquarium where we saw various types of fish like starfish, lionfish, crabs, elephant nose and other fish too. Next we saw the birds. They were very nice but they were very noisy. The best bird I saw was the peacock. We saw tigers, leopards, lions, snakes, elephants, penguins, ponies, donkeys and other types of animals too. We saw the zebras last of all.

We left the zoo in the evening. From there we went to one of my aunt’s houses. There my cousins and I played cards. After we finished eating we came back home. This was how I spent my first visit to the zoo.

Niroshan Paulraj (11 years)
JMC College Int., Maharagama

Waterfalls in Sri Lanka
Waterfalls are very valuable gifts we get from Mother Nature. Waterfalls are a large water quantity which fall from a high place. My motherland has many waterfalls. Diyaluma, Dunhinda, Lakshapana, Bambarakanda, Chimney, Baker’s Falls are some of them. Among them the Bambarakanda waterfall is the highest. It is 263m high. Diyaluma waterfall is the next in height.

It is about 220m. We must prevent polluting of waterfalls. If we destroy the environment, our country’s beauty will vanish soon. We shouldn’t bring any polythene or plastic items near these environments.

Waterfalls and their environments help to maintain a rich bio-diversity. We have a responsibility to protect these national treasures. Waterfalls are very important for the country’s economy. They play as tourist attraction points. Waterfalls are very useful to Sri Lankans.

Lochana Ganegoda (Grade 8)
Ananda Sastralaya, Matugama


The parrot
Parrot, parrot, where have
you been?
High up in a mango tree.
Talking kic kic kic
You have a beautiful green colour.
When you are flying in the sky
I am everytime thinking
If I could also be free like you
I wish to be a bird like you!!

Valentina Devmini (Grade 4)
Jennings Int. School, Nainamadama

Early rising
Early rising is a good habit. If you rise early you get a longer day. In the early morning the mind is fresh and there are few sounds and other distractions so that work done at that time is generally well done. You can embrace the cool and fresh breeze. The wind blowing through the flower garden carries some fragrance. The chirping of mynahs, sparrows and many other birds is enchanting. The early riser also finds the time to take some exercise in the fresh morning.

Mihindi Liyanage (Grade 7)
Holy Family B.V., Wennappuwa


If I were the president of Sri Lanka

If I were the president of Sri Lanka, I will be a great character in this country. Then I will have to rule a whole island. If I will be the president in Sri Lanka and rule the country, how wonderful that is and what experiences would I get.

Ruling a country is not very easy because I will have to dedicate many things for people. Looking after the country and its people is more difficult that other things.
If I were the president of  Sri Lanka I will make lots of highways, renovate roads and railways, give scholarships for poor children in schools and help the poor people by building houses and giving other things for them for their survival.

I will do a good job if I were the president of Sri Lanka. I think it’s a good opportunity to be the president of Sri Lanka because then I can do something for my country and be happy.

Mihashi Ranasinghe (Grade 9)
Ave Maria Convent, Negombo


My name is Pevin Hansana. I live in Ruwanwella. I am eight years old. My school is Ruwanwella Primary College. I am in Grade 4.
My mother is a teacher and my father is a network manager. I have one sister and no brothers. My hobby is collecting coins. I like travelling. I want to be a doctor.

Pevin Chandrasena (Grade 4)
Ruwanwella Primary College


A place I visited
During my school vacation, we went to Sigiriya. We had lots of fun while we were travelling by a train. Actually it was a great journey.
I love to explain about Sigiriya as it is my favourite place. It is a wonderful creation built by King Kashyapa. Actually it is a rock. Not only a rock, it is a rock fortress. King Kashyapa built his palace on the top of this rock to hide from his brother. As a matter of fact, he built it for his protection. It is a World Heritage site. Lion Gate is part of this rock. Myriad of people come to visit this as it is historical and beautiful.

If we go there we can see the Mirror Wall, water gardens, Lion Gate and scary caves. We can see different letters, drawings on the walls of Sigiriya rock. This rock is considered as a great gift of Mother Nature because it isn’t a man-made one. We can see historical things around Sigiriya rock. Most of the tourists love this place. There are some stairs to climb to the top of the rock. When we go to the top of this rock we can see the whole area.

Nowadays people go to visit it because of this season as well as the school vacation. We took many photos. It will memorialize the trip to Sigiriya. But the sad thing is people don’t think about our world heritage. They try to destroy them. We have to protect them for our future generation. If not they won’t know about these historical places. It is our responsibility to protect these places. I can’t forget this trip forever.

Dilmi Nipunya (Grade 10)
Tangalle B.V.


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