My school My school is Willesden College International. My school was founded on October 17, 1991 by our late Chairman Mr. D. J. Silva. Mrs. A. S. Wijethunga is our Managing Directress and Ms. Kanchana Wijethunga is our Directress. Our Principal is Mr. Aloysius Chandrasekara and the Deputy Principals are Mrs. Fareetha Samsudeen and Mr. [...]

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My school
My school is Willesden College International. My school was
founded on October 17, 1991
by our late Chairman
Mr. D. J. Silva. Mrs. A. S. Wijethunga is our Managing Directress and Ms. Kanchana Wijethunga is our Directress. Our Principal is
Mr. Aloysius Chandrasekara
and the Deputy Principals are
Mrs. Fareetha Samsudeen
and Mr. Thilina Jayasinghe.
We have 55 teachers and this
year my school is celebrating its
25th Anniversary on October 17.

We have fully equipped modern labs for Chemistry, Physics, ICT and Biology. There are two college bands, the western band and the eastern band. We also have a library to borrow books. There are sports such as badminton, basketball, netball and swimming. We have a room for music and dancing.

During the year we had a New Year celebration, Annual Sil Campaign, Vesak Bhakthi Gee, Founders Day celebrations, Annual Pirith Ceremony, Kids Olympiad and Christmas Party. Our school is very strict about discipline. We warmly welcome new children to our school as good friends.

I love my school and I wish my school will be the best school in
Sri Lanka.

G. K. Sri Saubhagya
(10 years)
Willesden College Int., Battaramulla


My pet
My pet is a dog. She is four years old and
she is black in colour. She can run very fast. She likes to play with me. She is an adult. I feed her three times a day. I love my pet very much.

Sandali Kodagoda (Grade 4)
Musaeus College


My name is Sethini Isandima. I live in Bambalapitiya. I am 11 years old. I study at
St. Paul’s Girls’ School. I am in Grade Six.
My best friends are Chamodya Thisarani, Nethmi Amaya, Yasasi Sawbhagha, Hajara Banu, Amani Bawa, Radu Mindula and Theviduni Vidara. My favourite food is
milk-rice. My favourite drink is Faluda.

Sethini Isandima (11 years)
St. Paul’s Girls’ School


My Lego
I have a lot of Lego to play with. My favourite Lego series is Lego Friends. I got it from
my mother and father for my birthday. I make a lot of different things with my Lego.
I like to go for Lego days and make things because they have a lot of pieces that I don’t have at home.
My brother also has a lot of Lego.
We put all our Lego sets together to make creative things like shopping malls and police arcades.

Ryaan Bishri
(10 years)
Ilma Int. Girls’ School


My father
My father’s name is Laksiri Fernando. He is my hero.
He is 51 years old. He buys me anything I want. My father doesn’t like it when I am sick. He calls me ‘Rosa Mala’. My father likes joking with me. He is the best father in the world.
I love him. My father doesn’t like when I do naughty things. He loves
our family. I made him a
‘My Hero’ card for his birthday. I love my father
and he loves me.

Sherandhi Fernando
(Grade 5)
Bishop’s College

The person who inspires me most
A person who has inspired you means a person you can trust because of his or her experience or guidance, is a role model or may be the person you go to during hardships.
Taking this point to heart, I also have a person who inspires me; my grandmother. My grandmother is the person who has inspired me the most. From her experiences and inspiration I have learned how to first please God and my family and also not to bother about things I lack and also how to go through hardships without failing, mainly by talking to her and not being discouraged. I also learnt how to accept all kinds of people throughout my lifetime, people who may be poor or rich, wise or humble. I’ve learnt how to maintain and to spend my life so far without any hatred.
The most important thing I learnt from her is to work hard for success because as a daughter you have a lot of people expecting a lot from you because they love you. From all the inspirations from her so far, I’ve been able to live my life very happily and also gain a lot of friends.
Lastly it’s really good to have a person who inspires you because we don’t spend our lives alone, and as I am my grandmother’s granddaughter,
I hope to learn from her, whom I love the most.

Nethmi Fernando (Grade 10)
Methodist College

A parrot talks
I am a parrot. I live in the jungle. My name is ‘Peththappu.’ I am green in colour. My tail
is light green. My beak is red and my eyes are black. My wings are very big.
I have lots of friends in the jungle. They are elephant, rabbits, peacock etc. Lion, tiger are not my friends. We play during the day very happily. We play hide and seek. My favourite foods are orange, mango, pineapple, woodapple, roseapple, grapes, pears, carrot, pumpkin, beans, gram etc. My favourite hobby is playing with my friends.
I like to live in the jungle forever.

Prabashi Gethmi (Grade 7)
St. Agnes B. M. V., Balangoda


The value of sports

Sports are useful for our life. There are many advantages in doing sports. This helps to develop our personalities and also make our body strong and healthy.
This in turn helps to keep our mind healthy.

The person who is involved in sports is mentally and physically well developed. Sports teach us both defeat and victory in the same spirit. A sportsman is generally improved in some special qualities such as patience, courage and a sense of responsibility. All these qualities are helpful to go to a good society. We can get an opportunity to share our experience with other players. We also learn to appreciate others when we do sports.

Sports have other advantages also. Sport activities will make us active and creative. When we do international sports activities we can go to other countries. We can know about that country. When we do a job, having sports could be added as a qualification. It will also help to meet great sportsmen and women and get good advice.
These are some advantages and value of sports.

M.N.M. Umar (Grade 8)
Lexicon Int. School,


The fascinating Taj Mahal

In this world there are many famous places. Among these places Taj Mahal is one of the most famous buildings in the world. This fascinating Taj Mahal is situated in North India near Agra in New Delhi. Emperor Shah Jahan is the creator of this tomb and he spent most of his time supervising the work of this magnificent tomb which was built in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Taj Mahal is a place which attracts many visitors. Many people visit Taj Mahal to spend a relaxing time walking through the cool breeze which blows across the area. Taj Mahal is very beautiful and the main building is surrounded by a vast area of greenery. Everyone can experience a splendid sunset from the banks of the Yamuna River which is not far from Taj Mahal. I’m sure that everyone in this world dreams about a visit to the heavenly paradise Taj Mahal someday in their lifetime.

Kavinhara Yatawarage (Grade 7)
Holy Cross College, Gampaha


My mother
My mother’s name is Nilmini. She is good and kind. She likes to eat pizza. She likes to drink orange juice. She makes tasty dishes.
She loves us very much. She helps me to study well. She is 36 years old. She buys us many toys.
I love my mother very much.

Juliya (Std. 2)
Jennings Int. College, Nainamadama


My best friend

My best friend is Esandi Rajapaksha.
She lives in Pellamulla. She goes to
Lyceum International School, Ratnapura.
She is in Grade 3. Her favourite colour is pink.
She is a kind girl.
She is a talented girl. I selected her as my best friend because of her good qualities. She is fair. She has curly black hair. Her hair is long. She is a nice girl. I love her a lot and Esandi loves me too. She has a pet cat.

Sandasi Mahawatta (Grade 3)
Lyceum Int. School, Ratnapura


Hillwood College

My school is Hillwood College. It is one of the best girls’ schools in Kandy. Our school has a long history. It was founded in 1890 by Rev. Ireland Jones. The first principal was a British lady named Miss Bellerby. Then came many more principals and our first
Sri Lankan principal was Mrs. Soma Samarasinghe.

The present principal of Hillwood College is Mrs. Nelum
De Alwis. Our principal, two vice-principals and the Primary School headmistress are a great support to the school. This year
we celebrated the school’s  126th Anniversary. Our school is divided into two sections, namely Primary section and Upper section. The three school houses are Ireland Jones, Bellerby and Naish.

About 2,000 children are educated at Hillwood. I am happy to study in a school with many curricular activities and sports. Our school is very famous for sports, drama, speech, dancing and singing. Hillwoodians are blessed to have a school with lots of educational facilities, love and care given by teachers to make independent people in the society when they grow up. I am very pleased to be one of those children learning at Hillwood College and I wish that our harvest may be stored for the coming years and that we will be capable to display our best work to ‘The Utmost for the Highest.’

Priscilla Rambukkange (Grade 5)
Hillwood College, Kandy


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