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Otara Foundation inspires new generation of ‘Animal Defenders’

Otara Foundation inspires new generation of ‘Animal Defenders’

Passion for a worthy cause was kindled in a new generation of ‘animal defenders’ when the Otara Foundation rewarded the winners of a themed art competition for children at a poignant event recently. The event on Saturday September 10, included an exhibition of drawings on the life of animals in the Dehiwela Zoo, chosen from hundreds [...]

Baby Body Wonders

At around the 28th week of pregnancy, babies can begin to smell the same smells as their mother. In fact, the amniotic fluid enhances a baby’s sense of smell. Researchers say that a baby’s brain is like a lantern: it is vaguely aware of everything. An adult’s brain, on the other hand, is more like [...]

Happy Children’s Day!

Happy Children’s Day!

In Sri Lanka we celebrate Children’s Day on October 1. Children’s Day was first celebrated worldwide in October 1955, under the sponsorship of the International Union for Child Welfare in Geneva. You’ll get to celebrate Universal Children’s Day again in November, thanks to Rubab Mansoor, who proposed the United Nations General Assembly create one day [...]

Kids Essays

Universal Children’s Day This day falls on October 1 every year. Children’s Day as well as Elder’s Day is celebrated on the same day. Having a special day for children is very important because special attention is paid to children on this day. At the same time, it is aimed at solving problems related to [...]

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