Mother Teresa Mother Teresa was a great lady. Her real name was Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. She was born on August 26, 1910 in Skopje (Serbia). Mother Teresa started her career as a teacher. She was appointed as a Geography teacher in Mary’s High School, Calcutta. By dint of her ability, hard work and service she [...]

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Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa was a great lady. Her real name was Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. She was born on August 26, 1910 in Skopje (Serbia). Mother Teresa started her career as a teacher. She was appointed as a Geography teacher in Mary’s High School, Calcutta. By dint of her ability, hard work and service she rose to the rank of Headmistress of the school.

She was going to Darjeeling for a retreat and from the railway window she saw half- naked ailing men, women and children who were leading a worm-like life. She realized that she was made to help this neglect. It was the aim of her life.
Mother Teresa was the greatest servant of humanity. She was a ray of hope for the poor, suffering and helpless humanity. She died on September 5, 1997 in Calcutta.
Mother Teresa was a goddess incarnate.

Vinuda Kariyawasam (Grade 4)
Royal College

My mother
My mother’s name is Samanmali. She is 35 years old. She is fat and short.
She is a pretty and kind lady. She is a housewife.
She prepares tasty food for us. She helps me to study.
She tells me stories. She does everything for us day and night.
My mother is the God in the house.
May the Triple Gem bless my mother.

Disna Sathsara (Grade 4)
JMC College Int., Maharagama

Who am I?
I live in Galle near the seashore. My body has been made with bricks, sand and cement. I am tall. My shape is like a bamboo. On top of my head there is a huge bulb that enlightens the whole area. My duty is to turn my head with the bulb and from that light ships that are sailing in the deep sea can identify that there is land.
I give a very good service to sailors. They call me ‘Lighthouse’.

Aaron Peiris (Grade 4)
St. Joseph’s College, Colombo 10


My name is Fazlin Zenath Jiffry.
I live in Malabe. I go to Horizon College International. I am in Year 1E. My mother’s name is Anne. My father’s name is Jiffry. My brother’s name is Fazle and my family is very cute.

Zenath Jiffry (Grade 1)
Horizon College Int., Malabe


Happy Birthday
Dear Father
During good and bad times, you have helped us. Without you, my family or I would never have lived for you gave us everything. When we needed something we always counted on you. You have travelled far and wide. You have worked tirelessly throughout the days, with an internal desire deep within your heart which says to provide your family with essential and even unnecessary needs.
So Father, I wish you a Happy Birthday! You are the best dad in the world and we are immensely blessed to have someone like you.

Maithree Bogoda (Grade 6)
Lyceum Int. School, Nugegoda


My lovely wish has come true
I was the only child in my family.
My parents love me a lot. Yet I was lonely because I did not have any brothers or sisters to play with. I was praying for a sister or a brother.
Now God has given me twin sisters. They are 18 months.
I can’t wait till they grow up so I can play with them even now. We bathe together. We watch birds and catch butterflies. We play hide and seek,
run and chase. I love my sisters.
My special thanks go to my parents, grandparents, Vas Punchi, Manju Mama, Dr. Nalindra, Dr. Rohitha, my teachers and friends who helped to brighten my world.

Hiruki Weragala (Grade 4)
Visakha Vidyalaya


Our Leadership Programme
Our Leadership Programme was held on August 8, 2016. It was a Monday.
Our Madam Principal Mrs. Latha Somathilake and the teacher-in-charge
of prefects Mr. Wimal Perera organized the programme. It started at 8.30 a.m.
The prefects of JMC College, Maharagama and Havelock Town participated in the programme. The resource persons were two Presidents Guides named Miss. Chamathya Fernando and Miss. Vidarsha Abeykoon. Miss Chamathya Fernando is a Youth Delegate. She represents Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association at UN conferences in New York. She gave us very important ideas about leadership.

They both explained what leadership is, how to improve leadership, how to improve leadership qualities, what leadership qualities are, leadership tips, leadership values and how to approach people as a leader. I learned a lot of things from them. I had never participated in a programme like this earlier.

I wish to thank my Principal
Mrs. Latha Somathilake, Vice Principal Mrs. S. Hettiarachchi and the teacher in charge of Prefects Mr. Wimal Perera
for organizing it in a useful manner.

Dimuthu Mihiranga (Grade 5)
JMC College Int., Maharagama

Dark meaning behind Nursery Rhymes
Today, there are many nursery rhymes that we teach the younger generations. Many are fun and popular and seem innocent enough, But do you know the ACTUAL meanings behind these catchy classics?
Let’s revisit some of them.

1. Humpty Dumpty
“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,
And all the king’s horses
And all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again”
Humpty Dumpty, is one of the most popular rhymes in any modern nursery. How could this loveable rhyme possibly be bad?
Well, the modern notion is that Humpty Dumpty is an egg dressed in clothes, but does it say so anywhere in the poem?

The poem ‘Humpty Dumpty’ was actually inspired by a weapon used in the English Civil War. ‘Humpty Dumpty’ was the nickname for a large canon that sat atop a tower and one, that in the Siege of Colchester, was knocked down when the tower was attacked and one that was too heavy to fix upright again.

Amandi Edirisinghe (12 years)
Doha British School

My favourite princess fairytale
My favourite princess fairytale is ‘Sofia the First.’ Her mother is Queen Marinda and her father is King Roland II. She has an elder brother and an elder sister. They are Prince James and Princess Amber. She has a magic amulet which is given by her father.

Sofia has a pet rabbit whose name is Clover. Sofia can talk with animals because of the magical powers of her amulet. Princess Sofia has a kind heart and because of her kindness the amulet’s power becomes stronger. Because of the power of the amulet she helps many people in trouble.

To Princess Sofia, every day is a royal adventure. I love to watch how she saves the day. She is my favourite princess and probably the best fairytale for me.

Sajini Senaweera (12 years)
Sujatha B.V., Matara

My holiday
My school holiday started in July. From the day it started I enjoyed a lot.
In July we went to Hatton for a trip for two days. We went to visit a tea factory, Highland Milk Factory and Horton Plains.All my cousins came to my house to play. We played the whole day. We went to their houses and enjoyed with my sister. I got invited for my friend’s birthday party and it was fun. I played with my friends. Twice I went to watch movies with my family. I played cricket on weekends with my father. I watched kids’ movies and Olympic Games, read books, went for swimming in the holiday season.
This is the best holiday I ever had, as I enjoyed till the end.

Theekshana Stephan (10 years)
St. Thomas Catholic Int. College, Seeduwa


Sigiriya is a rock fortress. Also it is an ancient rock palace built on the top of the rock. The entrance of the fortress was shaped like a lion’s mouth. Therefore, earlier this rock was called ‘Sinha Giri.’ Later it became ‘Sigiri.’

Sigiriya was built by King Kashyapa in the 5th century. It is famous for its frescoes. These frescoes are world famous paintings only second to the frescoes found in Ajantha in India. Building of the fortress is a wonderful story. Moggallana and Kashyapa were the two sons of two queens of King Dathusena who ruled Anuradhapura. Kashyapa was the younger son of the two but he wanted to become king. Moggallana was angry about this and wanted to kill Kashyapa. Therefore Kashyapa ran away from Anuradhapura and built a beautiful palace on the top of a rock, so nobody could reach him.

Sasika Senevirathna
(11 years)
Trinity College, Kandy


My hobby
My hobby is reading interesting and knowledgeable books in my free time. Whenever
I go home from my school, I like to read such books after completing my homework. I am 15 years old and read in Class 10. Now I know very well that reading is a very good habit which can make me complete. Reading books keeps one always happy and busy. It is a good source of enjoyment, knowledge, inspiration and instruction. It makes us disciplined, loyal, punctual and most importantly a successful person in this life. The habit of reading books can be acquired at a young age by anyone.

Piumi Sandalika (15 years)
Holy Angels Girls’ College, Kuliyapitiya


Our home
A place of love
With fun and dance
Where do you find
Good as your home?

Wherever you go
Who ever you meet
Are not so fine
As your home.

Dharmaseelan Thipeandran
(Grade 7)
S. Thomas College, Bandarawela

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