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Port City: A ‘dragon’ in the making

The signing of the re-negotiated Colombo Port City project now re-named as the Colombo International Financial Centre was fast forwarded for last Friday. No one knows what the rush was when it was earlier scheduled for August 16. What’s in a name, one might ask; a rose by any other smells as sweet; or conversely, [...]

Food Safety Issues rise in Colombo

This newspaper’s News Desk has been following up on Public Health issues for some time, and their ongoing reports should raise concerns among Colombo residents, both the affluent, and the not-so, because of the declining standards in the monitoring of food establishments, from the humble ‘buth kades’ to the restaurants of five-star hotels. There is [...]

Missing links in the Missing Persons’ Bill

The move by the Government to establish an Office for Missing Persons (OMP) is clearly one of the outcomes of the UNHRC Resolution that requires Sri Lanka to hold an investigation into allegations of violations of International Humanitarian Law during the military defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) back in 2009. Not [...]

RTI: Let it be implemented in spirit

It is some irony that information on the status of the Right to the Access of Information (RTI) Bill that was passed unanimously by Parliament a fortnight ago is itself so hard to access. What has now transpired (having to ferret out the information the old fashioned way) is that after the passage of the [...]

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